‘Alone’ Is Back With An Intense And Dangerous New Season

If the first riveting season of Alone is any indication, fear could be the biggest factor in determining how fast some of the new season’s batch of participants bow out. The first few days are critical, as the 10 new challengers must come to grips with not only no one around to help or share the workload, but there are no basics for survival such as fire, shelter, food, and water easily available.


Each man and woman will have to call upon all their survivalist training and skills, and they will bring with them only what items they deem crucial and that can be stuffed into a small backpack. Bringing the wrong mindset or equipment to this Alone challenge could guarantee certain failure.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the participants will be self-documenting their survival experiences on Alone. There will be no film crew, and they will be separated from one another and living in their own isolated location surrounded by the harsh, unforgiving terrain of the northern Vancouver Island wilderness of British Columbia.

The goal for each Alone participant is to stay alive as they struggle to hunt, build shelters, and perhaps even fight off dangerous predators such as bears. Perhaps even more difficult will be the unavoidable psychological stress and fear that comes with total isolation in an unfamiliar environment. Corus Entertainment shared that there is an incentive in mind for each Alone challenger. Not only will the winner have bragging rights, but there is also a $500,000 cash prize at stake for the man or woman who is able to last the longest.

Alone is the type of show that slowly pulls viewers in and then won’t let go. The danger and drama can be intense at times, especially when participants come face-to-face with bears or other predators. Sometimes the pace is slow and predictable, but that’s to be expected as the survivalists strive to expend as little energy as possible so they can last longer. Surviving alone is indeed the ultimate test of human will and endurance.

The Alone bio page on History’s website states that this season, Nicole Apelian, Tracy Wilson, and Mary Kate Green will be a part of this daunting challenge. These three women have impressive survivalist backgrounds and will definitely give everything to try to survive this harrowing ordeal and thrive alone in whatever situation they find themselves in.


Nicole hails from the Pacific Northwest and was a game warden with the U.S. Peace Corps. Later in Africa, she learned valuable primitive bush survival skills. A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 2000 hasn’t slowed her down, and she is one of the founders and primary guides of her own tracking and wildlife safari company, Eco Tours International.

Tracy Wilson is another Alone challenger, and she has a law enforcement and military background. Growing up, she was taught survival and bush crafting skills by her father and other family members. She’s continued to hone and polish her skills and has a deep love and respect for nature.

Mary Kate Green has two daughters and is a fitness instructor in Homer, Alaska. She spent 12 years as a child living off the grid and doing chores such as gathering firewood, picking wild huckleberries, and cleaning chicken coops. She used the skills she learned to become a firefighter for the Tahoe National Forest. She is eager to begin her journey on Alone and sees this as an opportunity of a lifetime.

The other participants on Alone include the nomadic Randy Champagne, who splits his time between Utah and Arizona teaching survival courses. As a young boy, he developed a love and passion for archery and learned to hunt. He has a deep appreciation for nature and believes that everything he’s learned over the years will enable him to survive the daunting Alone challenge.

Mike Lowe runs a faith-based survival and rescue training program called Wilderness Way Adventures. Always striving to be a better person, Lowe hopes to find new character traits and attributes within himself on Alone that will allow him to co-exist in harmony with the natural world. He is also excited to showcase his skills and beliefs while filming himself on Alone.

Jose Martinez Amoedo is originally from originally from Galicia, Spain, and now resides in Mayo, which is a native village in the Yukon Territory. After joining the Special Forces of the Spanish Foreign Legion, he began learning bushcraft and primitive technology. In 1996, he was formally adopted by the Lakota Nation. He has honed his skills in order to live off the land in a balanced, harmonious, and sustainable way.

David McIntyre currently resides in Michigan and is a post-apocalyptic fiction writer. His other passion is wilderness survival and primitive skills, and he founded the Per Ardua Wilderness Ministry and the Bushmaster Wilderness Survival School. He has put his wilderness survival skills to good use in several remote locations such as Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest and in the tropical Alpine ecosystem. On Alone, his particular skill set should help him during his time on Vancouver Island.


Larry Roberts grew up spending a lot of time outdoors hunting, fishing, and backpacking. Those passions eventually took a back seat to raising a family, but now that his children are grown and out on their own, he has spent the last few years immersing himself in an intense study of survival and bushcraft. He believes his extensive knowledge, willpower, and strong “all or nothing” attitude will be just what he needs in order to do well on Alone.

With a strong military background in survival training, Justin Vititoe has taught military, law enforcement, and civilians around the world survival techniques such as camouflage, tracking, small unit tactics, and sniper marksmanship. He founded Hike 2 Survive after leaving the military in 2014, and this program works with veterans to help them transition back into civilian life by taking them on hiking and camping trips. Justin hopes that the time he spends as a participant on Alone will give him the chance to push himself by combining his mental strengths and survival skills.

As a boy, Desmond White spent a lot of time outside and was usually fishing. As a Boy Scout, he learned about animals, plants, and basic survival methods. He picked up more survival skills and knowledge while serving in the Army, which should serve him well for this challenge on Alone.

Will you be watching these 10 men and women learn what it means to really be completely Alone somewhere on Vancouver Island? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Alone premieres on Thursday, April 21 at 9 p.m. ET on the History channel.

[Image via History/Twitter]