Matt LeBlanc And Chris Evans Reportedly Already Feuding Before New ‘Top Gear’ Season Even Airs

Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans can be seen in the first official BBC trailer of Top Gear, according to the Guardian. The trailer of the BBC show, which is expected to air its first episode at the end of May, didn’t feature footage of the controversial Cenotaph stunt.

The new clip features Evans asking co-presenter Sabine Schmitz to stop the supercar so he can be sick on a trackside in California after the German pro racer went for a spin in her Audi R8 V10. Matt LeBlanc, meanwhile, is seen driving a Reliant three-wheeler from London to Blackpool.

In another scene featured in the 60-second trailer, Matt LeBlanc is driving a supercar at a military base in Nevada with a Browning machine-gun attached to the roof.

Check out the new trailer here.

Matt LeBlanc, Evans, Schmitz, and other co-presenters joined BBC2’s Top Gear earlier this year. The change of hosts was announced after Jeremy Clarkson had been fired after he punched Top Gear’s producer.

According to reports, the show’s producer, Oisin Tymon, didn’t allow Clarkson to order a sirloin steak after a day of filming. Clarkson then allegedly called Tymon a “lazy, Irish c**t” during their fight at a hotel. This incident alone makes the new Top Gear starring Matt LeBlanc and Evans one of the most anticipated British shows of the year.

The new trailer also features scenes in which Matt LeBlanc and his fellow co-presenters are seen driving supercars in the United Kingdom, the United States, France, the United Arab Emirates, and Morocco.

After Clarkson’s departure from the show, Top Gear has been piling up controversies. In particular, Matt LeBlanc was accused of being disrespectful for doing stunts too close to London’s Cenotaph. In March, the Friends actor and rally driver Ken Block were filmed doing doughnuts close to London’s 95-year-old war memorial.

With Evans later apologizing for the behavior of fellow co-presenter Matt LeBlanc, former Top Gear presenter James May described the incident as “ill-advised.”

Rumors are circulating that there may be a feud between Evans and Matt LeBlanc, as the two were spotted getting in separate cars last week, according to the Daily Mail. And even though the Friends star and the Radio 2 breakfast host arrived in Venice, Italy, together, something must have gone wrong during filming.

As seen from the photographs, Evans was getting into his own cab instead of sharing a taxi with fellow co-presenter Matt LeBlanc, as the two presenters were leaving Heathrow after filming.

According to reports, Matt LeBlanc offered to share a car with Evans, but the BBC host rejected the offer and called his own taxi instead. It may be due to the fact that Evans had a bad day, as the BBC host reportedly argued with one member of BBC’s crew before getting into his own cab.

The fact that the relations between Matt LeBlanc and Evans have been tense lately has been circulating around the internet for weeks now. The problems between the two allegedly started after the Friends actor performed stunts too close to London’s Cenotaph in March.

According to reports, Evans was annoyed by how Matt LeBlanc responded to the whole situation, saying that he was shocked by the Friends star’s relaxed attitude to the stunt, adding that he personally wasn’t aware such a stunt was ever planned.

And, according to sources, Matt LeBlanc was frustrated over Evans’ comments, saying that he feels like everybody blames the incident only on him. Top Gear fans are now wondering whether the feud is going to affect their seemingly friendly relations on the show.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Writers Guild of America, West]