Black Bear Invades Colorado Chocolate Shop

Denver, CO – Who says animals don’t have a sweet tooth? A courteous and considerate black bear recently paid a visit to a Colorado chocolate shop, according to The Associated Press. Contrary to the lessons learned from various cartoons and motion pictures, the shop’s furry customer didn’t crash through the windows or knock down the building to acquire the tasty treats inside. Instead, the bear used the front door, just like any other thoughtful customer.

After gaining access to the business, the bear swiped a handful of desserts known as “cookie bears,” which are described as chocolate-chip cookies dipped in caramel and milk chocolate. Being diverse in its love of sweets, the bear also snagged some English toffee as well.

“He was very clean and very careful. He ate a lot of candy,” Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory owner Jo Adams explained to the AP. She believes the thief gained access to the store due to a poorly-fastened deadbolt.

After reviewing security footage of the incident, Adams discovered that the intruder didn’t make one trip to the store for a snack. In fact, the bear ventured inside the shop seven times during his candy-coated adventure. After shoplifting for 15 straight minutes, the burglar was apparently scared away by a passing car.

Although most would be quick to condemn the bear for breaking into their place of business, Adams seemed to roll with the punches. Since we’re on their turf, she says, we should learn to put up with their behavior.

The diet of a typical black bear consists mostly of vegetation, with a particular focus on berries, fruits, grasses, nuts, and buds. However, when the bears decide to toss some animal meat into the mix, they tend to set their sights upon small insects, fish, deer, moose, and bird eggs. According to Wikipedia, they’ve also been known to steal dead prey from unsuspecting hunters.