Whooping Cough 'Nightmare' Convinces 'Anti-Vax' Mom, Cormit Avital, To Change Her Mind

Patrick Frye

Cormit Avital was a serious "anti-vax" supporter until whooping cough left her with a mind-changing nightmare. She had allegedly always been healthy, never needing to see a doctor for anything. She had maintained a healthy lifestyle, including the consumption of only organic foods. Then, she had a baby, and everything changed.

There has been a movement among new parents in the health fields in the last few years, where they believe vaccinations only cause more problems. One of the most common misconceptions, thanks to Jenny McCarthy and her once-husband, Jim Carrey, was that vaccinations cause autism. The truth is that autism is something you're born with, it develops in the early years, and it is not transferable via needle.


What vaccinations really are is a small amount of the illness itself. It "jump-starts" the immune system and prepares it to deal with that illness on a larger scale. It's vital for small children to be immunized, say doctors, since young ones are the most vulnerable to common illness and it can affect them the hardest.

When Ms. Avital contracted whooping cough, it was a case of horrible timing. She had gotten pregnant and refused the vaccination on the grounds that she never got sick before. When the illness hit her during pregnancy, she gave it to her newborn daughter, Eva, and it turned out to be the deadliest decision she could have made for her newborn.

Now, Avital's daughter has been in intensive care for a month, due to contracting whooping cough at the worst possible time. She has made a video sharing her "nightmare" experience, as a message to other "anti-vax" moms to take the vaccinations so they don't suffer the way she and her daughter did, and possibly still are.

Whooping cough is one of the nastiest kinds of common illness to suffer through, because of the way it contracts your airways. It starts out like the common cold, and then progresses to the point of becoming pneumonia in a worst case scenario. It's known by the victim's tendency to wheeze after a fit of violent coughing, as the victim's lungs attempt to recover.


Much like black lung and bronchitis, it may need to be cleared up with medications and an asthma inhaler. The medication is a kind of decongestant, breaking up the infection, while the asthma inhaler sends a dose of steroids to strengthen the lungs and help them push it out. The steroids is the reason why you can't simply grab an inhaler off the shelf at your local pharmacy, since by itself, it's illegal.

Ms. Avital explained her nightmare in the video posted to Facebook.

"[Eva] was coughing to the point of going blue, flopping in my hands. It's just so hard to watch this tiny little thing go from red to blue. Sometimes they go a bit black, and for a moment you think they are dead in your hands. It's a lot of suffering for a tiny little thing you love so much."

This isn't the first case of children contracting whooping cough, as about a year ago, a mother of seven saw all of her kids in the grip of the illness. She too was an "anti-vaxxer," as the video above reveals.

Don't risk going through the same nightmare that Cormit Avital did with her daughter, Eva. Get vaccinated for whooping cough and other illnesses, and save your children from a nasty experience.

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