Mike Trout: Multimillionaire Angels Outfielder Finally Moving Out Of His Parents’ House

Mike Trout, four-time All-Star, one-time MVP, and multi-millionaire many times over, is finally moving out of his parents’ house, MSN is reporting.

The 24-year-old Angels center fielder calls south Jersey his home. He keeps his memorabilia — All-Star Game rings, signed baseballs from other players — and his Corvette (his gift for being named All-Star MVP) at his parents’ home in Millville, New Jersey, according to Buzzfeed.

Unlike a lot of Millenials, who are sticking around their parents’ homes because of the lousy job market, Mike Trout, who will never want for money ever again if he plays his cards right, just likes hanging out at home, according to his dad, Jeff Trout.

“It’s just where he wants to be. He’s a family guy. He loves his [three-legged] dog. He’s close with his mother. He has a great group of friends here he’s had since he was a little kid. He’s very tight with his brother and sister and he loves his niece and nephew. He grew up fishing and hunting and clamming these woods and these waters.”

Although he’s indescribably rich — he will make $15 million with the Angels this season, $20 million next year, and an average of $33 million per year after that — Mike Trout is the exact opposite of the stereotypical young and rich professional athlete.

Mike Trout
Mike Trout is a multi-millionaire who just recently moved out of his parents' home. [Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images]

By some accounts, Mike Trout is the best player in baseball. Whether or not that’s true is up for baseball writers to debate, but one thing is clear: He’s the face of the young generation of Major League Baseball superstars. Barring injuries or off-the-field problems, Trout is looking forward to a long and illustrious career — a career that will put him in front of the TV cameras.

Mike Trout
Mike Trout (L) and Erick Aybar at Aybar's Hennessy All-Star Celebration[Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images for Hennessy]

Humble and soft-spoken to a fault, Trout stands in remarkable contrast to his young and media-savvy peers in baseball. His colleague Bryce Harper called Trout “about as charismatic as a pile of sand.” It’s a description that Trout’s father, Jeff, disagrees with.

“Some people say he shouldn’t be the face of baseball because he’s not controversial enough. They say he’s not showy enough. Maybe they’re right. That’s their opinion and their right and maybe that’s true. But in my view, that’s just not who he is.”

The devoted family man still calls his mom before every game and texts her when he’s about to take the field. His parents joke that they have to drink coffee and take naps during the day to be able to watch their son play. Anaheim is three hours behind New Jersey, meaning most of Mike’s home games don’t start until around 10 p.m. New Jersey time.

Being a humble family man with simple pleasures will likely work in Trout’s favor, financially. The history of professional athletics is littered with the stories of young men who made millions of dollars in their careers and blew it all just as quickly — gambling, parties, risky investments, and giving it away to family and friends. Focusing on a simple life of hunting, fishing, and spending time with family is a recipe for a far better financial future for the young athlete.

So now that he’s moving out of his parents’ house, where is Mike Trout going to live? Perhaps a multi-million-dollar beachfront mansion in nearby Malibu, or a swanky condo in Vegas? Nope — Trout bought a few hundred acres of woodland just a few minutes away from his parents’ home.

[Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images]