Forced Pregnancy Tests At Louisiana School Will Be Banned, State Intervenes

forced pregnancy tests in schools

Forced pregnancy tests at the Delhi Charter School in Louisiana were the subject of a flurry of interest and activism from the American Civil Liberties Union this week, but, as soon as the policy became public knowledge, the school was banned from engaging in the illegal behavior.

The forced pregnancy tests under the Delhi Charter School’s “School Pregnancy Policy” caused an outcry on the internet, particularly for its draconian rules and treatment of girls who were merely suspected of being pregnant, not to mention the illegal barring of pregnant girls or girls who simply refused a pregnancy test from classes.

No provisions were made for the boys in school who caused a girl to be pregnant or were suspected of fathering a child.

The state acted quickly and struck down the policy, which was illegal under a few federal laws and protections. In a statement issued Tuesday evening, the Louisiana State Department of Education confirmed it will be “requiring an immediate change to the policy.”

forced pregnancy tests delhi charter school

A day prior, according to, Michael Higgins, director of law and policy in the Louisiana office of school choice, sent a letter to the Delhi Charter School to address treatment of young women and girls enrolled at the institution and ordering proof of change of policy by August 16. The site says:

“In the letter, released to Tuesday evening, the state asks for a policy that ‘does not discriminate against pregnant students or students perceived to be pregnant’ and says that ‘under no circumstances shall the school require any student to take a pregnancy test.'”

According to the ACLU, 70 percent of pregnant students eventually drop out of school, in large part due to discrimination they face due to their condition.