DEMOFall08: Toolgether joins the widget crowd [Free Invites]

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In a play for the SaaS market, Toolgether has unveiled a new online marketplace and platform allowing anyone to use, share, distribute, embed and monetize Web apps and widgets at DEMOFall 08.

The target market for Toolgether is SME’s, who can utilize the Toolgether marketplace to search, discover and find helpful apps to embed in their Web sites and blogs in order to boost productivity and bring added value to their customers and visitors. General consumers can use Toolgether to find helpful tools in a variety of categories.

Provided samples include:

Education: school tuition comparison; online test preparation tool
Health: BMI index; drug and symptom lookup
Legal: promissory note generator; provisional patent application generator
Parenting: fertility calculator; college IRA planning
Personal Finance: mortgage calculator; investment portfolio analysis
Mobile: SMS message sending tool; location-based services tools
Travel: get real-time traffic info in an area; find hotel and restaurant info in an area
Web: find Google page rank; SEO analysis of a Web page
Social Networking: find connections between your Twitter friends; find out who among your Digg friends routinely Digg your submissions
Video/Photo: image resizing tool; Web video converter tool for easy conversion of different video file formats to flash video (.flv files)

For users who have created simple desktop apps and want to bring them to the web, share and monetize them, they are able to use Toolgether’s Web Application Interface Builder. In a simple to use interface, the can turn their IP into a widget that is ready for sharing with friends, family and others.

If the offer sounds appealing, you need to be quick. Toolgether is offering 500 signups prior to their full launch later this year. Click here to sign up, first in, best dressed.