Jack Osbourne Says He Was Fired By NBC For MS Diagnosis

Sharon and Jack Osbourne

It’s been a difficult week for Jack and Sharon Osbourne. NBC, the network that airs America’s Got Talent, was told that Sharon Osbourne wouldn’t be returning for her eighth season due to the firing of her son, Jack. She claims with Jack that he was fired from his NBC show Stars Earn Stripes via e-mail two days before production was set to begin due to his diagnosis of MS.

Jack Osbourne has stayed silent about his firing, but, with the support of his mother stepping down from the NBC network, Jack is finally speaking out about how NBC handled his firing following his diagnosis with multiple sclerosis. Jack tweeted about the incident when NBC denied the claims, tweeting, “NBC said they didn’t fire me over my diagnosis? Bull-F–k—-S–t.” Jack then chose to link his tweet to a TMZ report to the statement made by NBC Chair Bob Greenblatt.

In a statement, Jack Osbourne also alluded that, despite his diagnosis, he’s still in good health and capable of competing on his new show.

“I took part in a 16 hour challenge over 30 miles with a 40 pound ruck [sack] on my back in January. I had MS then,” said Jack. The show would have seen Jack compete with other famous celebrities including Drew Lachey and Dean Cain in a military-style challenge. The reality star and child of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne continued, “Don’t tell me [what] physically demanding is.”

However, Stars Earn Stripes producer David Hurwitz has a completely different take on the situation and said that Jack’s appearance on the show was only being considered and that ultimately no contract had been signed:

“He was somebody we were in talks with.”

Despite Hurwitz statement to the New York Post, Sharon, 59, was able to come up with e-mails between Hurwitz that suggested a verbal agreement that was quickly recanted when Jack was diagnosed.

At the time, Sharon told the Post:

“I just can’t be fake. It’s discrimination, and it was badly handled.”

Following Sharon’s announcement that she was leaving America’s Got Talent, an NBC representative told the Post, Sharon has been a valuable part of the NBC family:

“We regret any misunderstanding and wish Jack well.”

Do you think NBC fired Jack Osbourne due to his MS?