Stassi Schroeder Sex Tape: Why She Thinks It’s Only Worth $900

Stassi Schroeder brought up the sex tape yet again in Part 3 of the Vanderpump Rules reunion show on Monday night.

In the final installment of the reunion episode, Andy Cohen mentioned the one thing that’s been on viewers’ minds all season long: Stassi Schroeder’s sex tape.

Vanderpump Rules ended Season 4 with a bang last night when Lisa Vanderpump and Stassi Schroeder fought over the reality star’s infamous tape. Schroeder’s ex allegedly attempted to shop around her solo sex tape before Vanderpump paid the unidentified man $900 of hush money to keep it under wraps.

Schroeder then accused Scheana Marie Shay of willingly watching the sex tape during the Season 3 reunion, and while she admitted to watching it, she denied having to do anything with the potential shopping of the tape, which Vanderpump put a stop to.

Stassi didn’t bother to thank Lisa for helping to keep her private tape under wraps. Instead, she blamed the restaurateur for going behind her back to make a deal on it. She also has concerns that Lisa didn’t receive the agreement in writing, which means that Stassi’s tape could still leak online.

“I was saving your a**!” Vanderpump told the former SUR employee.

When Schroeder tried to explain her side of the story, Vanderpump cut her off.

“No, no,” she said. “Don’t be ridiculous!”

In an earlier episode of Vanderpump Rules, Schroeder revealed that she moved back to New York with boyfriend Patrick Meagher after one of her ex-boyfriends tried to sell a tape of her pleasuring herself. Her ex threatened to leak the video if she didn’t pay him $900 for it, which is when Lisa Vanderpump got involved and paid the money so that it would never see the light of day.

The video basically shows Stassi Skyping with her former boyfriend on her iPhone and includes her masturbating with a sex toy. Last month on the Vanderpump Rules After Show, hosts Julie and Brandy asked Stassi more questions about the alleged tape. Schroeder gave very little details, but revealed that she is in the buff and only used her phone to tape it.

The hosts then asked the blonde beauty if she would ever release the sex tape herself.

“No, I might like to have fun but I am a little prude when it comes to some stuff,” Schroeder sheepishly revealed.

She also admitted that it was worth only $900, not six figures like most celebrity sex tapes. Her ex previously demanded $100,000 for it, but Vanderpump offered $900 and he eventually agreed to it. During that interview, Stassi said that she was upset to learn that Lisa did not ask to have their agreement in writing.

So, who is the guy that threatened to leak Schroeder’s sex tape? Both The Hollywood Gossip and All Things Real Housewives believe that it was former SUR bartender Frank Herlihy, who Schroeder dated around the time that she made the video. The only men that viewers have seen Schroeder date on the show are Jax Taylor, her current boyfriend Meagher, and of course, Herlihy.

Sources told Showbiz Spy that the sex tape has already leaked on the internet. However, it’s still unclear who’s responsible for leaking the tape. The media outlet also claims to have a copy of Stassi’s sex tape, but please be aware that the explicit video posted on the site is NSFW. The outlet’s alleged sources revealed that the tape was leaked to help boost Stassi’s career.

When the reality star was asked if she leaked it herself, she reportedly said, “No, I did not and never would, I do not know who is responsible for this entire mess.”

But Schroeder believes that it’s the show’s producers who leaked the tape in order to generate interest and ratings for the Bravo series.

[Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Fingerprint Communications]