Final Oregon Occupier To Surrender Denied Bail Due To Suicide Concerns

The final Oregon occupier was denied bail on Monday. David Fry was the final “patriot” to surrender following the armed standoff and occupation that took place at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon earlier this year. Despite the fact that Frey, who live-streamed audio from the reserve during the last days of the weeks-long Oregon occupation, virtually begged to be released on bond, a federal judge denied the Ohio resident’s requests to be released.

Fry was the last occupier of the wildlife refuge to surrender to authorities, reports Raw Story. He and three other holdouts remained behind, occupying the Oregon nature preserve for 16 days following the controversial police shooting death of fellow Oregon occupier LaVoy Finicum and the arrests of several militia leaders. The final Oregon occupier pleaded his case to Senior District Judge Robert Jones, who ultimately ordered 27-year-old Fry to remain in jail for his own protection, fearing that the Oregon occupier might not live to face trial if he were to be released.


The judge’s concerns about the well-being of the final Oregon occupier stemmed largely from Frey’s arrest. When the final occupier was arrested, audio from the incident was broadcast live on YouTube and other live streaming sites. During the arrest and the moments leading up to the arrest, David Fry vocalized multiple concerns about being incarcerated, including a fear of prison rape. The final Oregon occupier also expressed his concerns about the legality of abortion and illegality of marijuana in the United States. Ultimately, the Oregon occupier threatened suicide repeatedly in the minutes leading up to his arrest.

It was those threats to harm himself that were red flags in the eyes of the judge, ultimately leading to Fry being denied bond.

“I look at you as a vulnerable person. We have to worry about your own safety. In the environment where you are, you’re safe.”

During the bond hearing, the final Oregon occupier told the judge that he ended up at the refuge after having come from Ohio to document the armed occupation of the unguarded federal wildlife preserve. Fry told the judge he’d stayed on after the death of Finicum and the arrests of leaders as “the last cameraman.”

Protester's Flag [Photo by Matt Mills McKnight/Getty Images]According to Fry, he is “not whatsoever a violent person.” He went on to tell the court that during his time as an occupier, he would remove ammo from guns and activate the firearms’ safeties if he found them unattended in the firing position. He also told the judge that the weapons authorities later found in his vehicle were only being stored there for safety purposes, that the vehicle in question was not operational due to a flat tire and dead battery.

The final Oregon occupier was joined in court by his father, William Fry Jr., who spoke to the judge on his son’s behalf. The senior Fry told the judge that if his son were released, he would take responsibility for monitoring him as well as provide him with employment at his dental practice in Ohio while awaiting trial.

The final Oregon occupiers father told the court that, back in 2009, David Fry spent five days in a mental health facility. Fry also admitted to the judge that during his time at that facility, he attempted to escape and was “snatched” by authorities because he suffered from “severe depression” at the time.

According to the Fry’s, the final Oregon occupier has neither been prescribed behavioral medications nor hospitalized since the incident in 2009.

Fry’s father admitted that he has a collection of guns at his home, telling the court that the weapons are kept in a locked safe.

Protesters in Burns [Photo by Matt Mills McKnight/Getty Images]Ultimately, though, the federal judge refused to be swayed by the pleas of the final Oregon occupier and his father, determining that Fry must remain incarcerated for his own protection until he is brought to trial to face the music for a handful of federal charges related to his time spent as an occupier in Oregon.

“A lot of things about you are positive. By nature, you’re a gentle person. You’ve shown great affection for animals, the environment and so forth. But when you get into a tight situation, you can act out.”

Following the judge’s ruling, the Oregon occupier told the judge he didn’t feel safe in jail. As he was being placed in handcuffs to be led from the courtroom, Fry told the judge he felt he’d contracted a disease or rash during his incarceration. The trial for the Oregon occupiers is expected to take place just after Labor Day, and all defendants (including the final Oregon occupier) are expected to be tried at the same time.

[Image Courtesy Of Matt Mills McKnight/Getty Images]
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