Dale Earnhardt Jr. Tweets North Carolina ‘Mayo And Banana’ Tradition

WPTV is reporting that Dale Earnhardt Jr. loves banana and mayonnaise sandwiches.

He tweeted his preferred flavor combination, only to get a response of disgust from a wide array of twitter users.


Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a NASCAR race car driver, the son of another legendary driver who was killed on the track in 2001.

The article by WPTV says that the flavor combination was common for people who suffered through The Great Depression.

While northerners are known to have a different kind of palate, even some northerners were sickened by his sandwich.

Sports Grid is one of the sites that entirely disagrees with Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s tastebuds.

ESPN news and business correspondent Darren Rovell tweeted that mayonnaise makes sense as Dale Earnhardt Jr. has a deal with Hellmann’s, but also says that the combination is taking it to the next level.

USA Today recently wrote about Dale Earnhardt Jr. when he was stuck in the outside lane for the STP 500 last Sunday.

“You don’t want to be up there at all, but you can’t help it when there’s a car on your inside.”

Prior to this, Dale Earnhardt Jr. suffered a crash at the Daytona 500 back in February.

Of the many direct responses to his tweet, there was one who admitted that it was their mom’s favorite sandwich combination.


As the day continued, some on social media decided to take the challenge and tweeted the results.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. inspires people to try a new sandwich. Twitter user and SB Nation writer James Dator gives Dale Earnhardt Jr’s mayo and banana sandwich a shot. [image via Twitter]SB Nation published an article on the sandwich, even showing that Dale Earnhardt Jr. expressed his “strange” liking for the combination as early as 2014. The author even refers to the trend’s origins to North Carolina, where Dale Earnhardt Jr. was born.

Earnhardt also retweeted the image of a youngster who also took the mayo and banana challenge.


Garden & Gun Magazine explains the sandwich and the North Carolina tradition and stated that it was a staple between the 30s and the 60s, but also refers to The Great Depression. However, there was no mention of banana or the combination of peanut butter and mayo.

It has commonly been stated in responses to Earnhardt Jr.’s tweet that Elvis Presley loved peanut butter and banana sandwiches. An article from Garden & Gun also says, that mayo and peanut butter could serve as a base to mix with bacon and diced pickles for a protein-rich snack.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is passionate about Hellmann's Dale Earnhardt Jr’s support for Hellmann’s mayonnaise, goes beyond just wearing their brand image on clothing or his car. [Image by Mike Mozart via Flickr | CC BY 2.0]An online publication goes into the background of loyalty to mayonnaise brands, in this case, being Duke’s from South Caroline vs. Hellmann’s, which is from New York City.

I couldn’t of course, write this report without going through the motions myself.

A few hours after lunch, I checked my fridge for mayo and figured Kraft brand would be just as good — not much loyalty down here in Texas — and went for the Earnhardt Jr. style banana and mayo and was pleasantly surprised.

But the peanut butter was there too so I combined all three for a sour, artisanal flavor and now, I simply cannot imagine a combination without all three of those.

Naturally, this sandwich should officially be referred to as the Dale Earnhardt Jr.

[Featured image by Steve Helber/AP Photo]