‘DWTS’ Mischa Barton Diva Breakdown: Tension With Dance Partner Artem Chigvintsev Cost Her The Competition? [Video]

To say that Mischa Barton and Artem Chigvintsev had severe tension between them and struggled to connect on the dance floor is quite the understatement. At the end of the third episode of Dancing With The Stars, Mischa and Artem were eliminated from the competition. Following their elimination, the couple didn’t hold back for the cameras and revealed exactly how they feel about their DWTS experience.

It seems not only did Mischa not mesh well with her DWTS partner, but she also ruffled a few feathers after she had a meltdown following her elimination. Radar Online explained that Nyle Dimarco scored the highest so far this season, and all the contestants said congratulations except one person — yes, you guessed it, Barton was the one person who failed to give their congrats.

“Mischa was the only one to not congratulate Nyle on his fantastic dance performance.She acted so rude after the show ended last night. Mischa did not even seem to want to say goodbye to anyone. There were hardly any hugs or farewells.”


Mischa’s behavior didn’t surprise many people on the set, as she allegedly acted selfishly, appeared entitled, and was often full of herself during the three weeks on the show. In fact, at one point, an inside source revealed Barton made a snide comment that she gets paid even if she doesn’t make it to the end, so it didn’t matter how far she went in the competition. Her alleged attitude made it difficult for those who were serious about the contest and created unneeded drama on the set.

“Misha just never seemed into it from day one. And her behavior certainly didn’t win her many friends on set. Some people are claiming that Mischa is the most self-entitled and rude celebrity that the employees of the show have ever had to work with!”


Mischa explained to E! Online that she often clashed with Artem during DWTS rehearsals, and had trouble finding her rhythm with him on the dance floor. She laughed, stating at one point that things were so rocky with her dance partner that The O.C. star claims they could have had their own reality TV show. Barton felt that this week, her perspective had changed, and felt they were connecting with each other. She admits she feels sad that her time on DWTS is over so soon. And Artem felt Mischa’s change in attitude too — he wrote in his blog that he had a great feeling about Barton. He felt they could go far if she continued to put a positive focus in their rehearsals.

This week I feel like we accomplished…so much and the last four rays of training, we’ve done so much more in the past five weeks of training in general,that I feel like we’re finally getting somewhere positive. We’re achieving our goals, we keep smiling and having positive energy in the room and that’s the time you’re going home. This week’s song ‘Party in the USA,’ was Mischa’s pick, and I think her connection to the music has had an impact on her outlook and made her more connected in rehearsals.We are hoping for better scores and reactions from the judges, but overall are really happy. It was a bumpy start but I think we have finally found our rhythm


In the end, the DWTS couple felt they did the best they could, and felt that if they could have had a better start, they could have stayed in the competition longer. Mischa stated, “It had been a really intense first few weeks, but we did our best, and in the end, it just wasn’t enough. It is what it is.”

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