Temple Shooter’s Ex-Girlfriend Tries To Distance Herself From Hate Movement

temple shooter ex-girlfriend misty cook

The Sikh temple shooter’s ex-girlfriend Misty Cook, who (as we reported earlier) has been arrested on a gun charge in the wake of the murders, is trying to distance herself from the actions of former boyfriend Wade Page, who shot and killed six people Sunday before turning the gun on himself.

The Sikh temple shooter’s ex-girlfriend has, like Page, been closely linked with the neo-Nazi and white power movements. But as information unravels, Cook says that she would rather attention be focused on those who behaved bravely during the shooting than her connection with the temple shooter before his actions.

The Los Angeles Times quotes Cook:

“For my part, I hope the majority of focus will be on celebrating the lives of the heroes in this situation. I find the good work that Satwant Singh [Kaleka] did for his people and his heroic last act are far more newsworthy than anything I could say.”

The temple shooter’s ex-girlfriend appears to now, if not earlier, had a change of heart about tolerance and hate, as she continues:

“The reaction of the Sikh community around the world has been admirable. Their advocation for education and understanding is something we should all try to emulate. The responding officers, especially Brian Murphy, are heroes in my book for preventing further bloodshed… A time of healing is needed for all affected by this tragedy, and I hope that people will look to supporting the victims and their families at this time.”

Cook has since been charged with gun possession, as she is not allowed to possess a gun due to a prior felony conviction.