WWE Rumors: Repackaged Tag Team Could Signal Return Of Former Champion For New Stable

Danny Cox

In September of last year, Los Matadores disappeared from WWE television, and they really haven't been seen since. From time to time, they would wrestle at house shows, but never on TV. Now, they are finally getting repackaged and it was revealed on Monday Night Raw that Primo and Epico are back and truly love Puerto Rico. As soon as this aired, rumors started up that it could signal the return of Carlito to WWE.

Last night on Monday Night Raw, a vignette promo aired that was titled "Greetings from Puerto Rico," and it showed Primo and Epico out from under their masks for the first time in years. The Los Matadores were officially no more, and a new tag team was born.

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) April 5, 2016

For anyone that has watched wrestling for a good length of time, they can't help but notice the similarities to Carlito's character. They are really acting like his original gimmick when he originally entered WWE back in 2004.

Still, he held onto some of those traits as time went on and up until his release in 2010.

Primo, formerly known as Diego, is the brother of Carlito. Epico, formerly known as Fernando, is the cousin of Carlito and Primo. Carlos Colon is a WWE Hall of Famer and the father of Carlito and Primo. The three together would make an excellent stable to feud with the likes of the League of Nations, The New Day, and The Wyatt Family.

He spoke with Hannibal TV back in March, and he said that he's ready to head back to WWE. Yes, Carlito has wrestled on the independent circuit, but he hasn't gone to TNA, Ring of Honor, Global Force Wrestling, NJPW, or any major competitors for WWE.

"It's not up to me. I guess the ball is in their court. That's where I started, that's where I made my career and I haven't gone anywhere else so far."

Since being released from WWE back in 2010, the only major company that Carlito has wrestled for has been WWC. He's stayed quiet and just consistently worked so he could make money, stay busy, and keep in shape.

The mid-card is filled with Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn, and a host of other superstars that could see Carlito easily fit right in. Being the leader of a stable with Primo and Epico would only make him a stronger force.

Carlito could very well return to WWE one day, and he's let it be known that he would like to make a comeback. With his family members, Primo and Epico, getting repackaged as a tag team and resembling his old Carlito Caribbean Cool gimmick, it seems like a big hint. Even if Carlito never does return to WWE, at least the former Los Matadores will have fun with their Puerto Rico shill.

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