New ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Update Now Available, Introduces The Tornado Custom To ‘GTA Online’

Following last week’s tease of the new Declasse Tornado Custom for Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games has now officially added the updated vehicle to GTA Online as part of today’s title update. With the release of the Tornado Custom, players can now take their classic Declasse to Benny’s Original Motor Works garage for a wide range of new customization options.

After announcing the launch of the Declasse Tornado Custom on the official Rockstar Newswire blog, the development team also reminded players that they can currently find many of the special modification options from Benny’s on sale now inside Grand Theft Auto Online. This should help users keep the cost of building their new custom lowrider down.

“Pick up the Declasse Tornado from Benny’s Original Motor Works today, and upgrade it into a stylish Custom Lowrider. Make sure to take advantage of the ongoing 25% off select modifications at Benny’s (ends Thursday!) to kit it out appropriately with options like custom Bumpers, Exhausts, Fenders, Hoods, Roofs, Engine Blocks and Air Filters, Hydraulics, Interiors and more.”

The Declasse Tornado is the latest vehicle to receive new modifications from Benny’s Original Motor Works. In addition to all of the options available in Grand Theft Auto V‘s base garage, Benny’s shop gives players even more customization options. While most vehicle mods deal with exterior visuals, Benny’s Motor Works also gives gamers the ability to alter interiors with new dashboard and bobblehead options.

Offering players a look at all the new customization features, Rockstar Games also shared a fan-made video that showcases the additional options that were added to the Declasse Tornado as part of today’s GTA Online update. Created by the popular team at GTA Series Videos, the video includes a look at every modification option that is now available for the Tornado Custom at Benny’s Original Motor Works.

Providing additional details on the Declasse Tornado Custom, Rockstar Games has also updated the patch notes for Grand Theft Auto V‘s recent Title Update 1.33 to make mention of the new features. Since the base Declasse Tornado already existed in the game, players who already owned the vehicle will be able to add any of the new modifications to their existing car without having to purchase the new custom version.

“Players who have any of the existing stock vehicles can upgrade to a Custom version, they do not need to purchase a new stock vehicle from Benny’s.”

While many vehicle customization options are currently discounted in Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar Games has stated that there some select modifications from Benny’s garage that don’t qualify for the sale. Providing users with clarity on what isn’t included in this week’s savings, the developer posted a comprehensive list on their official support website that details exactly which services aren’t on sale.

GTA Onling Benny's Original Motor Works promo Benny’s Original Motor Works was first added in the GTA Online: Lowriders Update [Image via Rockstar Games]For most vehicles, the discount excludes specific modification options such as colored tire smoke or window tint. For the new Declasse Tornado Custom, the sale will apply to everything except for changing the color of dials and trim as well as either purple or green tire smoke.

In addition to running a sale on vehicle modifications, Rockstar Games is also running special event in GTA Online that provides users with double rewards for completing select in-game activities. As The Inquisitr reported late last week, the event began on Friday to celebrate the launch of new maps for the title’s popular Sumo Adversary Mode. As a result, all Sumo matches offered double RP over the weekend. Continuing the event, fans will receive extra rewards for taking part in specific land races in Grand Theft Auto Online from now through Thursday.

GTA V Tornado event The Tornado Custom launch event is now live in GTA Online [Image via Rockstar Games]Rockstar Games also announced that they will be releasing even more custom versions of existing GTA V vehicles later this month which will be able to accept the improved customization options found at Benny’s Original Motor Works.

[Image via Rockstar Games]