John Stamos Hangs Out With Kids At Magical Resort For Seriously Ill Children, Brings Plenty Of Smiles To Those Struggling

It is obvious how much John Stamos loves kids since he has worked with them off and on throughout his career. Even though he is not a father himself, he sure has a way with them. The Fuller House actor took some time out of his busy schedule last Friday to spread some of his love to children with very serious illnesses at a nonprofit resort in Kissimmee, Florida designed to give them and their families a fun vacation together.

The charity, called Give Kids The World, provides these sick youngsters a fun-filled week with their family members at no cost to them and this time, Stamos was there to hang out with them. He has been doing this for over 15 years now, according to People.


The Grandfathered star, who came complete with a scruffy beard, interacted with the kids and brought huge smiles on their sweet faces. Actually, John smiled just as big as they did. It is obvious from the photos just how much he enjoys doing it. Pamela Landwirth, president and CEO of GKTW, bragged about how John Stamos loves making the children smile.

“He loves making them smile, he loves making them feel good. He loves talking about the things that matter to them and giving them a shot of hope and spirit in their battle against their illness.”


There were high-fives, funny faces, and plenty of laughing going on. It is amazing how much the kids loved having John hang out with them. Many of the kids didn’t even know who he was, but others did recognize him and were excited to visit with him.

John Stamos has a way with kids. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Landwirth dished on how “humble and unassuming” John Stamos is. She told Today that he focuses entirely on the kids and they love it. She has been impressed by the 52-year-old actor since the first time he stopped by for a visit to the village. He doesn’t have to show up, but he chooses to because he is all about brightening their day. She had nothing but good things to say about him and how he helps the kids.

“He always knows the right thing to say to make kids feel at ease. One time, a child said to him he was in remission or that he’d just finished treatment, and John was commenting on that and was giving him high-fives, and telling him, ‘Congratulations!’ It’s just giving them that little spark that helps them go back and renew their battle against their illness.”

Give Kids The World started out 30 years ago and comes complete with 79 acres with 144 two-bedroom villas to provide fun and relaxation for children amid their lives of chemo and hospital visits. According to their site, the village is a magical place full of storybook castles, a carousel, train rides, and tons of fun that will help to get their minds off of their illness, even if it is only temporary.

John Stamos gets slimed at Kid's Choice Awards. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

John Stamos has always had a way with kids. Some may have thought that he was just acting like Uncle Jessie during his Full House years, but his interactions with all of the kids on the show when they were young tots were very real. During the recent reboot of Fuller House on Netflix, Stamos took the time to send out some old photos of him having some fun with the girls when they were working together on the show.

Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and the Olsen twins grew up with the Full House gang and they have been friends ever since. John got to work with the current young actors that are now part of the new reboot. He is also the star of Fox’s Grandfathered in which he plays a man who finds out that he not only has a grown up son, but he is also a grandfather to his son’s baby girl. Once again his baby skills are entrancing.

Kudos to John Stamos for bringing some sunshine into these kids’ lives at the resort. They deserve all the happiness and fun they can get during this difficult time in their young lives.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]