Charlie Sheen Facing Jail Time? Why He’s Been Hit With A Restraining Order

Charlie Sheen may be headed to prison as a tape of the actor confessing that he kept his HIV-positive status from his former lovers has been leaked to the tabloids.

In the explosive new tapes recorded by one of Sheen’s former lovers and obtained by RadarOnline, the 50-year-old actor admitted to having unprotected sex with the woman shortly after his HIV-positive diagnosis, but also lied to her, telling her that he was clean.

When the unidentified woman asked him why he was lying, Charlie shouted, “Because it’s none of your f*****g business, OK!”

The woman is then heard saying, “It was about, you were supposed to tell me.” Then the former Two and a Half Men star added, “OK, well, every time I tell somebody, they f*****g took money from my children and nothing happened to them, OK?”

Apparently, it gets worse. Anonymous experts who reviewed the transcripts of the tapes told Radar that Sheen’s responses are “extremely disturbing” to hear. However, the tapes have not yet been released to the public, nor have they leaked online.

According to the report, withholding such information from a former partner can make the actor face some hefty jail time. California makes it a crime to “willfully expose yourself to another person if you are afflicted with a disease that is contagious, infectious or communicable.”

Defense attorney Anthony Brooklier told the celebrity gossip outlet that Sheen could face up to six months in county jail plus a fine of $1,000 for each woman he exposed the HIV virus to.

“It’s the act of not informing them ahead of time that matters. Any reasonable analysis is he faces criminal liability because he didn’t inform her of the infection. In fact, as the tapes show, he told her it was none of her business. But it is her business. It’s her life.”

Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen has been faced with a restraining order from his ex-fiancée Brett Rossi. According to the LAPD, there’s a lack of evidence in the court documents to support such a claim, which means that this latest piece of news could very well be a publicity stunt.

Sheen’s attorney sent an email statement to FOX411, writing there’s no restraining order filed against the actor. The attorney claims that they did not receive a notice from the LAPD.

“We don’t know anything about this and haven’t been served with any court papers. Mr. Sheen hasn’t had any recent contact with Brett Rossi. This appears to be a publicity stunt on her part.”

Rossi reportedly filed a restraining order against the Anger Management star after a tabloid reported that transcripts were leaked from a phone conversation between Sheen and an unidentified woman, which correlates to RadarOnline’s April 5 report. During their phone conversation, Sheen threatened to kill off Rossi. He was quoted saying, “This piece of s**t needs to be f*****g buried…Family of gangsters. You get it.”

An inside source close to Rossi claims that she felt threatened for her life after reading the tabloid. She didn’t take the report lightly, so she decided to file a restraining order against Sheen in Van Nuys, California.

Brett Rossi
(Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET)

“She will take all necessary steps with law enforcement and the courts to protect herself,” the insider revealed.

In addition, TMZ released a photo of Rossi leaving the police station on Thursday, March 31. According to the celebrity gossip blog, the next day the police granted her wish of a seven-day restraining order against Sheen, but she wants to extend it for another week.

Back in December 2015, People reported that Rossi sued Sheen for “emotional distress” and “negligence,” among other things. She claims that Sheen hid his HIV-positive status from her during their relationship.

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