Could Scientists Using Large Hadron Collider Accidentally Destroy Earth? Fears Of Unintended Black Hole Increase

A giant Death Star sized atom smasher in Europe is once again sparking fears that scientists could accidentally create a black hole with their controversial experiments that could destroy Earth.

Scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland are spinning up the massive atom smasher once again, this time with twice the amount of power as before, and skeptics are worried they could destroy mankind.

Pope Francis has joined critics around the world in urging scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) to stop playing with powers that could potentially destroy the Earth, reports the Express.

“My fellow Christians, we are living in desperate times. Science is about to test the limits of God and his creation.”

In December 2015, atom smashing scientists discovered something unusual when they spun up the Large Hadron Collider: there were more light particles than there should have been with our current understanding of physics.

Now, those same scientists are spinning up the atom smashing Large Hadron Collider once again to confirm their experiment and possibly rewrite the laws of physics, according to Alphr.

“If this thing turns out to be real, it’s a 10 on the Richter scale of particle physics.”

That announcement has sent alarm bells ringing around the world as skeptics fear an accident at the Hadron Collider could have unintended consequences that would mean the end of mankind and the planet Earth.

The Large Hadron Collider works by accelerating large “trains” of photons to phenomenal speeds and watching what happens as they slam into each other. Using this amazing technology, scientists have been able to expand our understanding of physics and the nature of reality with remarkable discoveries like the Higgs Boson God Particle found in 2012.

There is also the small possibility these same atom smashing scientists could unintentionally create a black hole in Europe that would swallow the Earth and end all life on the planet.

Dr. Walter Wagner and his group Citizens Against the Large Hadron Collider launched a 2008 lawsuit in U.S. federal court to try to stop the creation of the giant atom smasher, according to their website CERNtruth.

“The compression two atoms colliding together at nearly light speed will cause an irreversible implosion, forming a miniature version of a giant black hole.”

CERN scientists admit their experiments will probably create miniature black holes, but argue they will be small, weak, and quick to disappear.

That doesn’t reassure Hadron Collider critics who fear the giant atom smashing machine could create a doorway to a parallel dimension, open a portal to hell, create a black hole or act as a beacon to attract space aliens. They’ve taken to Twitter to vent their fears and frustrations, as the Express reports.

“The large Hadron Collider is actually being used to open portals to the underworld to summon the ancient gods. Do the math people!”

The LHC is already spinning up as CERN scientists slowly bring the massive atom smashing machine up to speed, and they plan to begin slamming particles into each other once again by the end of April.

What do you think? Does the Large Hadron Collider present a danger to Earth or are skeptics worried for no reason?

[Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images]