Porsha Williams: NeNe Leakes A ‘So-Called’ Friend Trying To ‘Cast Curses’ Against Her Career

Porsha Williams apparently doesn’t consider NeNe Leakes a friend anymore. On Monday, the day after part three of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show aired, Porsha lashed out at NeNe, calling her a “so-called” friend who was “trying to cast curses against her career.”

Porsha, during her co-hosting job at Dish Nation, made it clear that she did not appreciate NeNe lecturing her on violence during the reunion show. Porsha doesn’t seem to believe that NeNe was giving her advice out of concern as a true friend. Porsha also pointedly said that her career, which NeNe expressed concern for, is going just fine.

“I deal with energy and you have to understand when someone’s trying to speak a curse upon you or when somebody’s trying to encourage you and speak blessedly to your life. And all I got from what, what I felt from what was so-called a friend, was basically trying to cast curses upon my career, that I won’t have jobs and things like that. All I have to say for that is I will pray for people like that and I will hope to have the discernment to know who is my friend and who is not my friend. And as far as my jobs are concerned, I have two successful companies, I just did Celebrity Apprentice and I am on a national, syndicated television show, Dish Nation, every single day.”

Porsha also pointed out that she went to anger management classes in order to learn ways to cope with situations when people are provoking her.

Porsha tweeted a link to the clip of her on Dish Nation reacting to NeNe’s comments to her on the reunion show, but she later deleted the Instagram post with the actual clip. Perhaps she now regrets reacting so strongly to NeNe?


According to NeNe Leakes, she was just trying to give Porsha Williams some good advice. In her blog post recapping the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, NeNe also made it clear that she didn’t appreciate Porsha talking back to her.

“I certainly felt it was unnecessary for Porsha to say, ‘Didn’t you choke somebody?’ I was purely trying to give her good advice out of love, as I was asked to do by Andy. I consider myself a real friend as long as you are one, and I don’t condone the B.S. I’m not the friend that’s going to lie to your face and tell you what you want to hear! I’m the friend that’s going to school you, but I’m also the friend that knows when my advice is not welcome.”

NeNe wrote that something is clearly wrong with how Porsha, who has been in three physical fights during the filming of the show, handles situations.

“We all have made mistakes along the way, and we are all a work in progress at times, but I believe viewers tune in to our show for the shade and not the wrestling. Violence is wrong! Three physical fights clearly say something is wrong here. No one should laugh at, uplift, support, or encourage violent behavior.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, NeNe, after the final part of the reunion show aired, tweeted, “Read dumb b**ches.”

On the reunion show, after footage of Porsha physically attacking a former employee and friend at Phaedra Parks’ Christmas party was shown, NeNe chided Porsha for getting physical.

“Didn’t you choke somebody?” Porsha asked.

Porsha’s question set NeNe off.

“When was that? Did you see any footage of it? But have you seen any footage of it? Lets be clear, hold on, lets be clear. Have you seen me choke anybody? Well lets use our brain… Well first of all, if I have, I bet you I was smart enough to not have it on the camera but you wasn’t.”

In a softer voice, NeNe reminded Porsha that she can’t tarnish her image and to think of her career.

What was the choking incident that Porsha Williams brought up on the reunion show? As reported by E! News, in July 2009, former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak filed a police report claiming that NeNe Leakes grabbed her neck and “tried to choke her out” during an argument on April 15 of that year. Unlike Porsha’s fight, whatever happened between Kim and NeNe wasn’t caught on camera.

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