Florida Road Rage Driver Spits On Biker, Chases Him 90MPH Down Wrong Lane [Video]

A motorcyclist captured an intense road rage incident on his GoPro cam in Homestead, Florida, on Monday morning. The scene occurred after a man driving a sedan became infuriated when the biker maneuvered in front of him at a red light.

WSVN reports that 23-year-old Rone Gonzalez was riding his motorcycle to work on Monday morning when a man in a red Ford Fusion swerved in front of him and cut him off close to Southwest 137th Avenue and Campbell Drive. The car driver apparently became enraged after Gonzalez rode between in between two lanes at a stop light and maneuvered his way in front of a group of cars.

When the light turned green, both Gonzalez and the unidentified driver sped up, and as Gonzalez tried to get away, the Fusion driver attempted to knock him off the road by swerving in front of him. Both men made it safely to another stoplight, but the road rage intensified after Gonzalez hit the driver’s mirror with his hand before zooming away. As they both sped up to 90mph, the Fusion driver seemed to become more infuriated.

Gonzalez continued to speed down the road, and looked like he was about to get away from the driver, but he caught up to Gonzalez and stuck his iPhone out of the driver side window. The Fusion driver then leaned out of his window and spat on Gonzalez.

An unidentified South Florida man reached out his sedan and spat on a motorcyclist on Monday morning. (Photo by YouTube)

As both men slowed down, they exchanged a few words, and the Fusion driver attempted to hit Gonzalez with his left hand. Gonzalez called him a “jerk off” and said, “I see you,” while gesturing with his hands, before making a left-hand turn and speeding away.

As Gonzalez recalled with experience while talking with local reporters, he stated after the 2nd red light, he was just trying to get away from the other man, and make it to work safely.

“At that point, I just wanted to get out of the situation. You know what, forget about this.”

When questioned why he decided to smack the driver’s mirror, Gonzalez said he wasn’t sure why he did that, although he did admit it was a mistake.

“I’m just like, ‘Man, I’m on a motorcycle. My life is literally on your hands.’ To be honest, I don’t know. To be honest, it was a stupid move.”

Gonzalez posted the entire incident on YouTube, where he wrote that he did call the police, but was reportedly told to not even bother reporting it, since road rage incidents are extremely common in South Florida. He also explained that he was only trying to get away from the driver, and that as an inexperienced rider, he made some mistakes.

“Please understand everyone, that I’m not an experienced rider, I will admit when I am wrong. All of this stuff wasn’t on purpose but an attempt to get away, I didn’t chose [sic] to get on to on coming [sic] traffic, he blocked my path on both lanes. I didn’t want to harm myself or other people, which is exactly what happened, no one got hurt, everyone, even the guy goes home.”

Gonzalez also said that he started to panic during the incident, and that if he were more calm, it may have ended differently. The road rage driver in the red Fusion hasn’t come forward yet to tell his side of the story.

[Photo by Shutterstock]