Ryan Lochte Dating His Sister? Media Confuses Sexy Mystery Woman For Sibling

Now that Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps are done swimming at the 2012 London Olympics, their fans have turned their attention to the athlete’s love lives. Phelps’ girlfriend was revealed to be Megan Rossee earlier this week and Lochte has been spotted a few times with a sexy mystery woman. Well, the identity of Lochte’s girlfriend was revealed today. It’s his sister.

Of course, Lochte isn’t dating his 31-year-old sister, Megan Lochte Torrini, he has just been celebrating his multiple medal haul with her over the last few days.

The rumors started after the US Swimmer was photographed with a couple of women in the backseat of a car. Megan Lochte is wearing a cleavage revealing shirt and sitting on the swimmer’s lap. Which, obviously, can only mean one thing: The American swimmer known for his one-night-stands found himself another girl to shack up with.

Or, it could mean something else. That Lochte was out celebrating his five Olympic medals with his sister and a few friends.

Sports Grid, who initially reported that the Lochte was having some late-night fun with a new “mystery woman,” published a retraction today, saying:

“Man, do we feel gross. BuzzFeed made us feel just terrible Tuesday night, pointing out that the girl in the blue striped shirt on Lochte’s lap in the now infamous back seat picture was his indeed his sister, Megan. And we called him a vagina magnet, which considering the circumstances is just about the worst possible thing we could have called him.”

So what about the other girl? The other mystery woman in the car? According to Buzzfeed, that’s Lochte’s stylist.

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