‘Southern Charm’ Star Whitney Sudler-Smith Denies Thomas Ravenel’s Ex Kathryn Calhoun Dennis’ Relationship Claim

Were Whitney Sudler-Smith and Thomas Ravenel’s ex Kathryn Calhoun Dennis really in a very short relationship together? On Monday night, after the Season 3 premiere episode of Southern Charm aired, Kathryn appeared on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live. During her appearance, Kathryn claimed that she and Whitney had more than a one-night fling, which was revealed on Season 1, as he claims.


Andy, pointing out Whitney’s strong reaction to her, asked Kathryn if she had something with Whitney that people don’t know about. According to Kathryn, she and Whitney were actually dating for a week and a half. Kathryn claimed that they were such an item that she even stayed with him and had breakfast with Whitney’s mom, Patricia Altschul.

“It was more than what was talked about. Yes, as in it wasn’t like a one-night mistake like he said. What did he call it. He called it something, I don’t know, but we were like basically together, dating, whatever you want to call it for about a, like, a week and a half, two weeks. But I was staying with him.”

Andy and co-guest Carson Kressley joked that it was a long-term relationship, which Kathryn also joked about.

“So serious. It was so serious. No but I was eating breakfast with Patricia!


Whitney, who was apparently watching Kathryn or was alerted by friends or social media of what she said, immediately tweeted a denial. According to Whitney, there was no relationship and Kathryn is delusional. Whitney also made clear that he thinks that Kathryn is just trying to get another storyline.


Patricia Altschul frequently appears on Southern Charm with her son and some of the other stars. It’s no secret that Patricia does not like Kathryn Calhoun Dennis. On the previous seasons, Patricia frequently criticized Kathryn. Patricia also pokes fun at Kathryn on social media. According to Reality Tea, Patricia denied she had breakfast with Kathryn and pointedly said that Kathryn was never again in her house.

The night Season 3 premiered, Patricia had dinner with Landon Clements, Cameran Eubanks, and Shep Rose, three of the show’s other stars. On the season premiere episode, Patricia called Kathryn and Thomas Ravenel both “morons” for getting pregnant again.

The premiere episode began by showing a dinner party that Thomas threw at his new home. The party quickly descended into chaos when Thomas stood up and began insulting people at the table, including Shep, Cameran, and Landon. Thomas, who slurred his words, even went after his co-stars as they angrily left his home to continue hurling insults at them. Thomas had to be pulled back and stopped by another dinner guest when he continued to lash out at his co-stars as they tried to drive off in a golf cart.

The show then rewound to three months prior to show viewers what happened in the months prior that led to such a calamitous dinner party. Kathryn was shown seven-months pregnant with her and Thomas’ second child. She explained that she and Thomas briefly reunited and God apparently decided that in those few days, she would get pregnant again. Despite another child on the way, she and Thomas were still on bad terms. According to Kathryn, who, with her daughter, was living with her parents, Thomas wasn’t even paying her proper child support.

The two did end up reuniting during an awkward encounter at Craig Conover’s party. After a few drinks, Thomas went over to Kathryn and asked how she was. Kathryn made clear that she wasn’t pleased with Thomas’ behavior, pointing out that he hasn’t spoken to her in months. Kathryn also wondered if Thomas was doing more with Landon Clements than just hanging out as friends. Thomas smiled, told Kathryn that she looks beautiful, and asked if he can touch Kathryn’s stomach. Kathryn allowed him to touch her belly to feel the baby inside.


Landon seemingly denied that she was after Thomas by retweeting a fan’s tweet that stated Landon wouldn’t be so desperate.


Thomas confirmed the viewer’s intuition.


During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Kathryn Calhoun Dennis explained why she kept going back to Thomas Ravenel despite all of their drama. Kathryn replied that Thomas is a very good politician who knows how to lie and charm. She also maintained that she’s “never ever getting back together” with Thomas.

Despite their personal drama, it seems that both Kathryn and Thomas do agree on one thing: that they’re the star of the show. As the premiere aired, Kathryn made clear that her co-stars should thank her for their jobs.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Thomas recently tweeted that he’s sick of carrying the show so that the others can get a paycheck instead of being supported by their parents.

Will viewers see Whitney Sudler-Smith get into some sort of love triangle with Kathryn Calhoun Dennis and Thomas Ravenel? The preview for the new Southern Charm season shows Craig Conover’s girlfriend asking him, “You think Whitney had feelings for Kathryn?” The next scene shows Craig telling Whitney, “I would be mad at a girl for sleeping with my best friend a week after she slept with me.” Furious, Whitney says that he’s “gonna kick his f**king a**” and walks off.

[Image via Kathryn Calhoun Dennis on Instagram]