Hillary Clinton's Aide Huma Abedin Talks 'Terrifying' FBI Email Investigation

Nancy Bailey

Hillary Clinton's aide of 20 years, Huma Abedin, talked about email exchanges between herself and Clinton that have been released as part of a State Department investigation.

Clinton's longtime strategist, aide, and Vice Chair of her 2016 presidential campaign, Abedin gave a rare interview on Call Your Girlfriend, a "podcast for long distance besties."

— The Hill (@thehill) April 4, 2016

"It's something I can't really think about, but I can't even imagine what's in those emails. But I'm sure I would probably be mortified. I have no idea. I haven't read any of them."
"I could count on one hand how many actual interviews I've done. I'll never read them. I just don't want to know. If it's about me personally, I honestly just ignore it."

"Donald Trump alleged last year that she shared classified information with her husband, former congressman Anthony Weiner. And then, of course, there was her husband's sexting scandals in 2011. And 2013."

"It's a joke on the campaign. Whenever we have a chance and it's meal time, it is always – and particularly we're so lucky to be able to be on an airplane where we have this wonderful woman who provides us with as nutritious of meals as possible. But we are obsessed with food and we look forward to it, and what is it? And I want to know the menu. And then we enjoy it. So we talk about food."
"We'll often do celebrity gossip, although very often we'll be looking through pages and say 'Who are these people?' We're not sure. But there's plenty of people we love. So we just – you know, it's fun, but I would say food is probably top of the list. Maybe food and shoes? Maybe food and shoes."
"You know, I still remember the look on her face. And it's funny, and she would probably be so annoyed that I say this, but I remember thinking, 'Oh, my God, she's so beautiful and she's so little!' "
"I had such a fangirl moment and I was hooked."
"It is going to be 20 years in September that I will have been with her. I've always been blown away by not just how much she knows but how determined she is to get things done that help other people."

— Call Your Girlfriend (@callyrgf) March 31, 2016

"I don't think there's anything in the world that he can't do. I have a feeling, though, that he will not be picking the china out and he will not be picking out the flowers for any of the events … I think that my boss actually really enjoys doing those things … you know, it'll be yet another additional sort of new thing. She'll be the first president, I don't know, who picks out her own flowers for state dinners. But let's see. There's a ways to go before we get there. There's a lot to do before that happens. It's hard to imagine right now."

[Photo by Elise Amendola/AP]