WWE Rumors: Is The Authority Done On ‘Monday Night RAW’?

Sometimes in the WWE, logic isn’t always the company’s strong suit. Rather, they tend to rely on the magnitude of a certain event instead of details of a particular storyline. The most recent example of this came on Monday, when the WWE Universe should have expected more of a tie-up as it pertains to the Authority and who would be in charge of Monday Night RAW. According to the stipulation in the Hell in a Cell match, the Undertaker’s victory kept the Authority in power, with Shane McMahon on the outside looking in.

On one hand, the Authority felt relief that Shane was not successful. On the other, Triple H lost his WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Roman Reigns. Neither HHH nor Stephanie appeared on Monday’s episode of RAW, but Shane did. In fact, Vince allowed Shane to run the flagship show for a night while his sister, brother-in-law, and his WrestleMania opponent were nowhere to be found. The biggest angle of the season fell a little flat in what could have provided a memorable moment or at least prolonged the story.

HHH Steph
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Now we might know why. Triple H is no longer champion, and with AJ Styles earning the right to become the new number one contender, Hunter will fade from the title picture. In fact, the entire Authority angle might fade away altogether, according to Reddit user Falcon Arrow.

The verified WWE insider participated in a Reddit AMA on Monday and said, “From what I know they are going bye bye for a while very soon,” as it pertains to the Authority.

Falcon Arrow did not elaborate as to whether Trips and Stephanie would return to an upcoming episode of RAW and then vanish, or if their absence on Monday carries over entirely into the near future. It was emphasized on RAW that Shane was only in charge temporarily, but the Authority was barely mentioned. Falcon Arrow has been accurate concerning many bits of WWE news in the past. He knew of Shane’s return before anyone else. On Monday’s show alone, he correctly reported that Cesaro would return, several NXT stars would make their main roster debuts, and that a title would change hands.

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The Authority began to take shape during the summer of 2013 after Triple H helped Randy Orton defeat Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship. The actual name of the Authority did not debut until October of that year, but Triple H and his wife have assumed control for over two years in the latest iteration of heels in power. The leadership faction has seen the likes of Orton, Seth Rollins, Kane, and Big Show do its dirty work until only the power couple remained. Vince’s return to an on-air role saw him blend with his daughter and son-in-law as the three combined to lead the company.

Even The Shield acted as the Authority’s main henchmen in carrying out attacks for a time, until turning on their bosses in what culminated in six-man matches with HHH, Orton, and Batista back in 2014. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury acted as J&J Security during Rollins’ championship reign and even the New Age Outlaws returned for a brief run to aid their former DX leader in the Authority.

Chances are we’ll see Triple H and Stephanie before too long, but it’s not known whether they’ll return in that Authority role. Triple H may have main-evented his last WrestleMania, but seeds had been planted for a program with Seth Rollins, so it would be interesting to see if that is ever carried out. Falcon Arrow also believes Rollins will return as a babyface once he is finally cleared to compete, but Triple H could very well come back as a good guy himself.

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