Miranda Lambert Is Writing New Songs After Her Red Carpet Debut With Boyfriend Anderson East

Miranda Lambert has teased new music after hitting the red carpet with her boyfriend Anderson East during Sunday’s Academy of Country Music Awards.

Ahead of her ex-husband Blake Shelton’s performance of “Came Here To Forget,” which is reportedly about their 2015 split, as well as his new romance with Gwen Stefani, Miranda Lambert walked the red carpet with East at her side for the very first time, and during the event, she spoke of what is to come.

During an April 3 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Miranda Lambert revealed she’s been “writing a ton” and is ready to get back in the studio after going through a “ton” of emotions in recent months.

In July, 2015, Miranda Lambert and Shelton parted ways after four years of marriage, and months later, both Miranda Lambert and Shelton moved on. However, Shelton was first to do so, and ever since his relationship with Stefani was revealed, they’ve been featured in headlines around the web. Meanwhile, Miranda Lambert and East have done their best to avoid media attention, and shared just a couple of photos on Instagram after their relationship began in late 2015.

Although Miranda Lambert and East have been pretty private about their romance, that may soon change as the 32-year-old country singer is in the process of making new music, and may be inspired by both the heartbreak of her and Shelton’s divorce and her new love with East.

“I’ve been off the road a little bit, so I’ve been able to kind of go into the creative mode, which is good,” the singer gushed. “I’ve been in Nashville a lot, so I’ve really been able to write a lot with friends. I’m not rushing trying to get a project done, just taking my time, enjoying it, going to see live music. Just kind of being in it. Just getting creative. That’s what I do. That’s what I love the most.”

Also during her interview with Entertainment Tonight, Miranda Lambert addressed her fashion choices for the show.

“Yellow’s a happy color,” Miranda Lambert explained. “I hardly ever wear yellow, but it had some rock and roll to it. And I had on heels with a gun and holster on them — can we talk about that? Hot pink with a tiny gold pistol, I was like, ‘Yes, these are the shoes!’ “

Miranda Lambert’s yellow gown showed off a ton of cleavage and a ton of leg, and may have been her sexiest look yet.

As for Miranda Lambert’s pre-show jitters, a source claimed Miranda Lambert “was a little nervous” walking the red carpet with East for the first time. However, an E! News source confirmed East was “so happy to be there by Miranda’s side” as she faced a potential run-in with her ex-husband at the event.

Miranda Lambert “did not avoid [Blake],” the source told E! News. “She just did not go out of her way to bump into him. If they did, she would [have said] hi… She is in a totally different space than [she was] months ago. She has no issues with Blake and is happy that he is in a good place in his life and also in love.”

“Whenever they are together they act like two free spirits… [Miranda Lambert] adores Anderson,” the source continued. “They understand each other. Anderson has given Miranda this confidence she hasn’t felt in some time. They are very supportive with each other and their careers.”

[Photo by David Becker/Getty Images]