‘Supernatural’ Season 11 Spoilers: The Winchesters Team Up With Crowley

Supernatural continues with the fight between Lucifer, Amara, Crowley, and the Winchesters. This week will see Crowley and the Winchesters team up as they hunt for the Horn of Joshua, presumably another Hand of God.

The trailer gives very little away. Crowley turns to the Winchesters for help, and Lucifer wants to assert his position as leader in Heaven. The angels certainly look scared, and that is unsurprising. Not only do they have Lucifer in Heaven, but Amara is threatening— and seriously trying — to delete the universe. She wants to bring an end to everything her brother God created.

While the last three episodes have been standalone ones, with the odd mention of Castiel and Amara, Supernatural fans will remember that a Hand of God could be powerful enough to destroy Amara. It certainly looks like something that will kill Lucifer, but each Hand only has one chance to destroy.

The Hands of God are items that have been directly touched by God, and therefore are instilled with extra power. So far, the Ark of the Covenant and the Rod of Aaron have been found and used, and now Crowley knows where another one is. In the trailer for Episode 18, Crowley mentioned the Horn of Joshua, another item directly from the Bible.

In the Bible, horns and trumpets were used to bring down the walls of Jericho. It makes sense that a specific horn has been infused with extra power, but the question is: where is it? Melty reports that it looks like Lucifer has it, and he is not going to give it up that easily. Lucifer likely has other plans when it comes to the Hands of God, and he may not be willing to get rid of The Darkness after all. Considering his wishes back in Season 5, he may want to join with Amara and help her destroy the universe as it is currently known.

There is also the worry that Crowley will betray the Winchesters at some point, or even vice versa. While the three have worked together in the past, Crowley has started to push himself away from the two Supernatural brothers. He struggles to rule Hell after his friendship with Dean specifically, and demons view him as a weak boss. Betraying the Winchesters to save the world from The Darkness would certainly be a start for him to get the power back.

Supernatural fans also want to know what Lucifer’s plans are with Heaven. In the trailer, he wants the angels to call him God. After all, he is the only archangel left. However, Michael is still technically alive and stuck somewhere in the cage in Hell. If Lucifer was telling the truth before his release, Michael is not going to come out and help save the angels any time soon. The angels are certainly scared of Amara now that they know their worst did nothing to her, so they may view Lucifer as the better of two evils.

This could be the reason for God to come into the show, which Supernatural fans suspect will happen in Episode 20. Chuck is going to return, and fans believe that he is really God.

This week could be the chance to see Lucifer and Amara battle against each other. There are only six episodes left to Supernatural Season 11, so something has to happen for the main storyline this week. It is time for the brothers to get back into saving the world from Amara, rather than talking about her and Lucifer.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]