James Middleton Delays Marshmallow Company Plans For Donna Air?

James Middleton may have broken things up with Donna Air to concentrate on his marshmallow company, but it looks like he is hesitating! Turns out, the brother of Kate Middleton is still in the UK, showing signs that he may delay plans on expanding Boomf for his old flame Donna Air.

“The on-off romance between James Middleton and TV presenter Donna Air takes yet another intriguing twist,” reports Daily Mail. “The Duchess of Cambridge’s brother said last month the pair were taking a ‘relationship sabbatical‘ because he was moving to Hong Kong for three months to expand Boomf, his marshmallow business. A month after the planned departure date, I learn James has only travelled as far east as Boomf’s new offices in London’s trendy Clerkenwell.”

A source revealed that there have been delays in relocating James Middleton to Hong Kong, the next step for his marshmallow venture, but it has not confirmed that he will indeed be moving soon to Asia.

This means that he might still be seeing Donna Air, whom he had been in relationship for years. He has also been a steady presence throughout her daughter Freya’s life, taking her to Los Angeles and other locales outside the United Kingdom.

It looks like the mother didn’t want to uproot her entire life for James this time for the sake of her daughter.

She recently shared a picture on Instagram, reminiscing about the times that Freya was just a baby.

“Former TV presenter Donna Air, who is taking a ‘relationship sabbatical’ from the Duchess of Cambridge’s brother, James Middleton, shared this old picture of herself holding her daughter Freya,” reports Daily Mail. “She captions it: ‘Before she was taller than me.’ Freya, who is now 12, is indeed taller than her willowy mum, who stands at 5 ft 8 in.”

It is possible that James Middleton is rethinking moving his marshmallow venture to Asia. He has not always had the best ideas in developing his business, so it might be safe to doubt this decision, too.

Just a few months ago, in hopes of reviving his failing business, he decided to advertise Boomf as a way for homosexual individuals to come out to their families.

“The Duchess of Cambridge’s brother has raised eyebrows after urging customers to use his personalised marshmallow company to come out as gay,” according to Daily Mail. “In a promotional video for his business Boomf, James Middleton says his sweets are the perfect way to break the news to friends and family.”

Seeing how that was received by the public, he might have to run his ideas by someone else before he makes the plunge.

Those who are unfamiliar with James’ marshmallow business, Boomf prints Instagram pictures on square marshmallows to give as gifts. Seeing how his parents got rich off of party industry, this doesn’t stray very far from their turf.

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As the brother of Duchess of Cambridge is pondering on the next step for his company, Donna Air is keeping her head high by continuing to put herself out in the public sphere.

“Donna Air looked divine in a blue and red lace top and high-waisted trousers at the launch of M Victoria Street in London in aid of Terrence Higgins Trust on Wednesday night,” according to Sunday World.

She even attended a few London Fashion week events with her daughter, which was a good bonding moment for the mother and daughter, as well as getting her baby’s feet wet in the world of modeling, which Donna personally hails from.

Do you think James Middleton will change his mind about uprooting to Hong Kong? Do you think he will save his relationship by choosing to stay close to his ex-girlfriend? Sound off in the comments below!

[Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]