Gwen Stefani Didn’t Attend The ACM Awards With Blake Shelton, But She Was In Vegas With Him

Gwen Stefani didn’t walk the red carpet with Blake Shelton at the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday night, and she reportedly wasn’t in the audience to cheer Blake on while he sang “Came Here to Forget.” However, Gwen was in Las Vegas, where the event was being held, and she did attend the Warner Music Nashville after-party with her boyfriend.

It was a busy weekend for Shefani and the many fans who track the couple’s movements via social media. Gwen Stefani kicked things off by appearing on Saturday Night Live to perform “Misery” and “Make Me Like You.” Blake couldn’t attend the show because he was already in Las Vegas prepping for the ACM Awards. However, as The Inquisitr previously reported, he took to Twitter to cheer his girlfriend on. Blake was a huge fan of Gwen’s “Space Pants” performance with Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage, and he begged his girlfriend to bring her shorts “from a galaxy far, far away” home with her. Gwen Stefani let Blake Shelton know that she packed her out-of-this-world SNL outfit in her suitcase, but she wasn’t going home—she was jetting off to Las Vegas to hang out with Blake after the ACM Awards.

According to Hollywood Life, Gwen Stefani didn’t attend the ACM Awards with Blake Shelton because she knew that his ex-wife, Miranda Lambert, would be there. If Gwen had gone, there would be numerous headlines about how she and Miranda were in the same place at the same time, and there would undoubtedly be rumors about some kind of drama. Miranda and Blake both performed at the ACM Awards, and Gwen reportedly wanted the focus to be on the former couple’s music, not their love lives.

“Gwen knew it was going to be a big night for Miranda,” a source revealed.

Gwen also didn’t want Blake to worry about her having an awkward run-in with Miranda on the red carpet.

“She just wanted Blake to focus on his performance and not be preoccupied with anything else,” the insider said.

“Gwen thought she could better support Blake by not attending the show.”

Gwen Stefani Skipped ACM Awards

During the ACM Awards, Twitter was flooded with negative comments about Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, and her date, Southern soul singer Anderson East. According to SheKnows, some fans called Miranda’s new boyfriend a “downgrade”from Blake, others lamented that Miranda and Blake are no longer together, and some complained about Blake performing a song about finding a new love in front of his ex-wife. Had Gwen Stefani made an appearance, there probably would have been even more social media bickering about Blake and Miranda’s love lives. However, Gwen couldn’t resist taking a trip to Vegas to support her cowboy beau—she flew from NYC to Sin City overnight even though she didn’t plan on attending the ACM Awards show.

Instead of appearing at the televised ceremony, Gwen Stefani decided to keep a lower profile by accompanying Blake Shelton to the Warner Music Nashville afterparty. MusicRow shared a photo of Gwen and Blake posing with a few attendees, and Brett Eldridge seemed a bit jealous of his fellow country singer.

According to RadarOnline, Miranda Lambert attended the Four Seasons after-party, so Gwen Stefani could breathe easy knowing that she wouldn’t have to worry about running into her boyfriend’s ex.

As Romper reports, some ACM Awards viewers found it a bit awkward that Blake sang “Came Here to Forget” in front of Miranda. It’s a song that’s about getting over a former flame by sparking up a new romance, and it pretty much describes what happened with Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani after they went through their divorces around the same time. Luckily, no audience reaction shots were shown during Blake’s performance.

Many of Gwen Stefani’s songs on her new album, This Is What the Truth Feels Like, are also about finding new love. During her recent interview with Good Morning America, she revealed that her favorite Blake-inspired song is “Make Me Like You.”

“It just came out. It was like, I had been feeling that way,” Gwen revealed. “Like, it’s just exactly what I felt that day… ‘I miss you right now. Here it is.’ You know what I mean? And everybody in the room was just kind of like, ‘Whoa, this is happening right now.’ It was written fast. Like, 10, 15 minutes.”

Do you think Gwen Stefani made the right move by not attending the ACM Awards with Blake Shelton, or are you sad that she decided not to make the country music event a little more rock ‘n’ roll by walking the red carpet with her boyfriend?

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