Backyard Roller Coaster: A Real-Life Dad Goes All ‘Phineas And Ferb’

backyard roller coaster

Ever wanted a real-life backyard roller coaster? Sounds like car elevator territory, like only a very wealthy person could afford such an extravagance.

Not exactly so, though, as one dad has actually built a backyard roller coaster with PVC pipe and the result is scarily impressive — and a little scary. The rickety backyard rollercoaster looks like every kid’s dream even if in the back of your mind you are also thinking that it is probably every mom’s nightmare.

The backyard roller coaster is, however, evenly constructed and impressive. And, while clearly not a commercial structure, it does look well-built and solidly put together. Worried moms especially might find watching the clip of the backyard roller coaster as scary as actually going on a roller coaster itself, but we’ve watched the YouTube vid and can assure you that, indeed, no very eager and excited toddlers were harmed in the adorable filming of this clip.

The backyard roller coaster video has scant information about the presumable dad and daughter featured in it, though we imagine in the coming days they’ll probably step up. What we do know is that the backyard roller coaster was built from PVC pipe, has a single loop, and a somewhat-alarming 12-foot drop at its start.

The way it works is that the kid gets in the car, secured (we hope!) to the track. Her dad pushes off the car with a broom, it appears, and the drop powers the little rollercoaster as the kid whizzes about, totally thrilled at her backyard roller coaster.

You can watch the clip below. Is this better than any store-bought, fancy playground?