It’s Time To Relive The Whole Story: ‘Smallville’ Is Coming To Hulu Later This Year

Fans have wanted a Smallville season 11 and they’ve wanted crossovers with The Flash or Supergirl, but it doesn’t seem as if that is ever going to happen. It just doesn’t seem as if there is going to be more Smallville ever being created, but that doesn’t mean that fans can’t relive the entire 10 seasons. Sure, there are DVDs and Blu-rays, but things will be made easier in 2016 as the Smallville series is coming to Hulu.

So many fans have been asking when Smallville would be arriving on Netflix, but time just kept going by without it ever happening. Lovers of the show want it streaming and available at their fingertips so it can be seen with ease and whenever they want.

Krypton Site is reporting that Hulu has indeed landed the exclusive streaming rights for the entire series of Smallville. Now, it isn’t known what the date is that it will land on Hulu, but it will be sometime in 2016.

smallville series hulu 2016
For those that may not be aware, Smallville is often credited with being the reason that not only the “Superman” brand got new life, but that the comic book television world exists. Series like The Flash and Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow may have never existed if it wasn’t for the success of Smallville.

ComicBook is reporting that the deal to bring Smallville to Hulu comes along with a number of other shows. Other television series included in the deal are Southland, Blindspot, Lucifer, and The OC.

They do make interesting points of Lucifer being a DC Comics property and Blindspot being produced by Greg Berlanti of The Flash. Another intriguing note is that Ben McKenzie, who stars on Southland and The OC, also appears on Gotham.

In other words, Hulu just got a really good deal with the DC Entertainment Universe, in not the most obvious language. Still, this is a really good step for Hulu and leads them in a direction that could make them serious competitors to Netflix.

smallville series hulu 2016
Smallville had a great run on television as it was on the air from 2001 to 2011, and it was a different type of comic book TV series. It didn’t necessarily tell the story of Superman, but told the story of Clark Kent before he learned what his true purpose in life was and who he could be.

Kent still had to deal with a number of the villains that would eventually cross paths with Superman, but he did it in the town of Smallville, Kansas. Throughout the series, he would cross paths with Lex Luthor, Zod, Arrival (Brainiac), Phantom (Bizarro), Bride (Doomsday), and numerous others.

Over the 10 seasons, Clark Kent was also joined by numerous other superheroes such as Green Arrow, Cyborg, Martian Manhunter, and others. It was one of the first times that a number of different DC Comics characters were brought together in a live-action format.

For those that have never had the chance to enjoy Smallville will be able to do so as they please with Hulu later this year, and will finally see what the hype is all about.

Smallville may never get new life with Tom Welling or any of the original cast that made the series so famous on The CW. It may not get an 11th season or have a reunion or a movie, but fans can always relive the 10 seasons that made the series so great and it can all happen later this year thanks to it streaming on Hulu.

[Image via The CW]