Colorado Teacher Exposes Himself While Shopping At Garage Sales

Boulder, CO – A high school teacher has been accused of exposing his genitals at no less than two different garage sales, according to the folks at Westword. Jim Kozlowski, who also served as his school’s golf team coach, has jeopardized his teaching career by giving garage sale operators a proper look at his own personal goods. However, unlike stereotypical trench coat-wearing perverts, Kozlowski allegedly was a bit more sly in his approach.

During a Saturday morning excursion through some local garage sales, Kozlowski was perusing some articles of clothing when the first incident went down. Commander Jeff Satur, spokesperson for the Longmont Police Department, said that the teacher reportedly “knelt down near some clothes, with his right knee on the ground and his left knee bent, with his left foot on the ground. He asked the victim about the clothes, and then he pulled his shorts away from his leg with his left hand — and he wasn’t wearing any underwear. So his genitals were exposed through the left leg opening.”

As strange, bizarre, and downright creepy as that may sound, Kozlowski apparently did the exact same thing at another garage sale a little later in the day. “[The second victim] says his right knee was on the ground, his left knee was bent and his left foot was on the ground — and his shorts were loose fitting above his knee,” Satur explained. “And when he squatted down, his genitals were completely exposed and visible through the left leg opening of the shorts.”

According to Dreamin’ Demon, arresting officers weren’t buying Kozlowski’s story that these genital revelations were some sort of accident. They’re of the belief that Jim knew precisely what he was doing when he exposed himself to these individuals, which is why he was arrested.

As a result, the Boulder Valley School District has placed the Colorado teacher on administrative leave until the investigation has been completed. In order to let parents know about the incident, the principal released the letter you see below. As of this writing, Kozlowski has not commented on the accusations.

Dear Boulder High Community,

Many of you have likely seen recent news concerning the arrest of a Boulder High School teacher this past Saturday (8/4) in Longmont on two misdemeanor counts of indecent exposure as announced Saturday evening by the Longmont Police Department. I know that a report such as this can be a disturbing one for our school community raising questions and concerns among students, parents, guardians and staff. I will share with you what information I can at this time. It is important to note that what was alleged to have occurred in Longmont on Saturday did not occur while this teacher was acting in a coaching or teaching capacity.

The teacher, Jim Kozlowski, has, as of today (8/6/2012), been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of investigations by law enforcement and BVSD administration. Paid administrative leave does not represent a determination of right or wrong on the part of an employee. It simply recognizes that a matter of serious concern has arisen that requires an investigation be carried out without the employee on the job. There is no higher priority for me — and the rest of the BHS staff — than to have our school be a safe and welcoming place for each and every student. I am not aware of any concerns about this teacher’s interaction with any BHS students during his tenure in our school.

This type of situation can create stress for any member of our community especially students. I urge any student, parent or guardian who feels it would be helpful to have professional assistance in dealing with their reaction to this matter to please contact the BHS Counseling Office at 720-561-5351 for support.

While I cannot discuss the specifics of this personnel matter, I am available to discuss whatever other questions or concerns you may have about how this situation affects you and your family. I can be reached at either or 720-561-2200. Finally, if you have information that you think law enforcement should know, please contact either the Boulder Police Department at 303-441-3300 or our school resource officer (SRO) Mike West, who is a Boulder police officer, through the school office at 720-561-2200. If you wish to make a report anonymously, you may call the State of Colorado’s SAFE2TELL line at 1-877-542-7233.