‘Donald Trump Heroin’ Lands Alleged Drug Dealer In Jail

Branding has been a huge part of Donald Trump’s business and perhaps political success, but he wouldn’t be at all happy with this commodity in his portfolio.

A New Hampshire suspect was arrested for allegedly trying to sell Donald Trump-branded heroin to a police informant.

Two separate transactions allegedly occurred in late March, one in a McDonald’s bathroom and another at a convenience store.

“When the buyer brought this second bundle to the detective, he wrote in the arrest affidavit, ‘I also observed that each wax bag was stamped with a ‘Donald Trump’ logo,” the New Hampshire Union Leader reported.

The suspect was arrested on Thursday in the city of Troy after a month-long investigation by New Hampshire state police and local cops and is charged with the sale of a controlled substance. “On Friday, [the suspect] waived arraignment in the Cheshire County Superior Court in Keene. She entered a plea of not guilty. Her $2,000 cash bail was upheld and she remains at the Cheshire County House of Corrections in Keene.”

The suspect was identified by multiple media outlets as Darcie Rae Hall, 36. “It’s not Hall’s first drug violation. She was convicted of cocaine possession in 2014 and is currently on probation, according to police, who said they expect Hall to also be charged with violation of probation,” NECN explained.

Against the backdrop of the reported heroin epidemic in New Hampshire, in the run-up to that state’s GOP primary that he ultimately won, Donald Trump — who neither drinks nor smokes — vowed to stop the flow of drugs into the U.S. by securing the U.S.-Mexican border with a wall and by other measures.

“Hall is not the first alleged drug dealer to name a product after a subject in the news. In Massachusetts in December 2013, four people were arrested after State Police discovered 1,250 bags of heroin labeled ‘Obama Care’ during a traffic stop on Interstate 91,” the Boston Globe explained.

Parenthetically, in October 2014, as The Inquisitr previously reported, New Jersey police busted an alleged drug dealer for trying to sell packets of heroin labeled with the pseudo trademark “Ebola” as a marketing technique.

“Different dealers have different potencies and products. Many times they are labeled with catchy phrases,” said one officer at the time. “In the past we have had Bin Laden, Hello Kitty, D.O.A., Twin Towers, 911, Gumball, Pow, etc.”

Another narcotics investigator added, “It’s usually a marketing tool for [dealers]… We have [drugs] stamped as the president, as the pope. You name it, they stamp it.” He added that he’s also encountered an “O.D.” stamp on drug packets.

Trump, the GOP presidential front-runner, is trying to rebound from a gaffe-prone previous week heading into tomorrow’s Wisconsin primary.

According to the Real Clear Politics average, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has a 4.1 point lead over the New York real mogul and ex-Celebrity Apprentice star, and Cruz along with the GOP establishment would like to stop The Donald’s momentum by a Wisconsin win.

Although he has apparently lost ground to Cruz as a result of several recent missteps, controversies, and associated media pile-ons, Donald Trump is still optimistic about his chances in Wisconsin. “I really believe tomorrow we’re going to have a very, very big victory…I think I’m going to have a big Democrat crossover, and I hope I do,” he said at a town hall there, the Daily Mail reported.

Going into tomorrow’s balloting, first time candidate Donald Trump has won 737 delegates to Cruz’s 475, with a total of 1,237 needed to clinch the nomination at the RNC convention in Cleveland this summer.

[Photo by Jim Mone/AP]