Why Apple’s iPhone SE Is Not The Triumph Apple Was Looking For

Apple can’t seem to catch a break lately. Whenever the tech company tries to introduce new and/or revolutionary technology to the market, it seems to backfire. Take the iPhone SE, for instance. The phone, a four-inch iPhone that combines the best of the iPhone 5 and 6S, introduced some useful (though not new) features, including the much-obliged 12 MP camera seen on the 6S and the ability to have the latest iOS version on a smaller screen.

Maybe it’s that people are holding out for something better in the form of the iPhone 7 or that they’d prefer to grab an iPad over an iPhone from Apple. Whatever the reason, the iPhone 5SE isn’t quite the little prodigy Apple probably hoped it would be. Reports from Localytics.com noted that the new Apple iPhone captured only 0.1 percent of all iPhone sales in its opening weekend.

The iPhone 6S Plus, 6S, and SE, from left to right, sitting next to one another in New York on March 24, 2016. [Image Via Julie Jacobsen, File/AP Photo]

Perhaps ironically enough, some of Apple’s iPhones have actually been outdone by iPad sales. It’s possible that consumers don’t actually want a smaller iPhone, which could be what steers them more towards iPads or another comparable tablet offered by a competitor. Other tech companies also seem to be pricing out the iPhone by undercutting what it goes for, with older model Galaxies available for roughly $500, while a new iPhone from Apple would cost about $700.

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Apple Insider noted that the iPhone SE does have some advantages over the competition, though, including a lower price point than the average iPhone and a durable device with enough processing power to run the next several upcoming iOS updates. If you’re looking to get in on the SE deal, you also have the option of trading in your old iPhone for credit towards a new SE or other iPhone, so that makes the SE’s price even cheaper.

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The iPhone SE also ups the ante with new Siri features that users won’t find on their standard 5s. For instance, going into the Spotlight Search (that handy little function activated by swiping right from the first home screen), now allows Siri to suggest apps you might want to open. The suggestions Siri gives are based on which apps you use most frequently and presumably use other factors, such as your current location, to guess at what you’d like to use. You can also tell Siri to, for instance, book a table at a restaurant, and the device will know to fire up OpenTable if you have it installed.

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Despite trying to make the transition from an Android phone to an iOS phone easier with the Move To iOS app, Apple has still been facing sinking sales of the SE. Media reports also added that the smaller size of the SE has no impact on its performance. This might be a big concern for consumers who are used to associating larger products with stronger hard drives and processors, however. It’s possible the SE was conceived as a way to balance out the slightly overwhelming iPhone 6S Plus, which weighs in at 6.23 inches in height, although the move seems to have blown up in Apple’s face. Let us know what you think of the new SE. Would you want a phone this small? Why or why not?

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