September 29, 2018
Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Take Felicity To Her First Chicago Cubs Game

Jinger Duggar is used to doing lots of traveling with her family over the years. This time she and husband Jeremy Vuolo took a trip from their home in Laredo, Texas to Chicago to catch a Cubs game. They also took their 2-month-old daughter on her very first traveling experience.

Jinger chronicled their journey to Chicago on her Instagram with a few photos. They grabbed a plane and headed off to the windy city with baby in tow. The pictures revealed that Felicity may have been either sleeping quite a bit or wrapping her daddy around her little finger even tighter than before. The adorable little girl had on her knotted head wear that her mama seems to love putting on her daughter.

One snapshot showed the baby girl sound asleep in Jinger's arms. The Duggar daughter decided to travel in a comfy pair of blue jeans. Another sweet snap had Jeremy holding his daughter while giving her a kiss on the cheek. Felicity's face is so expressive in the photo. Duggar fans are frequently commenting on how much this little one looks like Jinger with her big eyes and crinkly nose.

The family of three finally arrived at Chicago's O'Hare airport and off to the Cubs game. Another photo was taken at Wrigley Field with Jinger and Jeremy looking thrilled to be there and Felicity wrapped up tightly sleeping in Jeremy's arms. The reality star couple were both decked out in Cubs attire. Felicity was certainly not left out as she had on a Cubs shirt as well.

Jinger also captured their trip posted as an Instagram story as they started their travels to Chicago. Felicity sure looked like she was enjoying every moment of what is most likely her first time on a plane. The set of pictures included their time walking through O'Hare and driving around downtown Chicago.

The Vuolo family has been quite busy these past few days. They had both sides of the family paying a visit with them in Texas. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jeremy's family traveled from their home in Pennsylvania to visit them, especially their granddaughter. Next up was two of Jinger's siblings, James and Jedidiah Duggar. This was the first time they had a chance to meet their little niece.

It looks like Jinger Duggar is fitting right into her role as a new mom. This time in Chicago is a first for the Vuolos as a family of three. It is also a milestone for Felicity to take in her first Cubs game, even though she won't remember a thing about it. There is a good chance that Jeremy will be toting Felicity back to Wrigley Field for future games.