Chick-fil-A Opponent Now Serving ‘Chick-On-Chick’ Filet Sandwiches

If nothing else, the massive amount of culinary creativity following the much-publicized Chick-fil-A gay marriage controversy is something to laugh about. Take, for example, one small Texas restaurant that is now serving up “chick-on-chick” filet sandwiches to protest the conservative fast food chain.

Beaver’s of Houston, a lesbian-owned Texan coastal-grub joint, is responding to Chick-fil-A’s anti-gay marriage stance in probably the most unique way to date. The restaurant has announced the newest addition to its menu: a sandwich called the “chick-on-chick” filet, described as “two loving chicken breasts married on toasty buns with a honey mustard witness and joined in celebration with tolerant fries.” A picture of the new menu item has been making the rounds on Facebook lately.

Beaver’s owner Monica Pope is a lesbian, so it comes as no surprise that the restaurant supports gay marriage. It’s the creativity of the protest — the innate “dirty” humor, inspiring grade-school level chuckles all around — that nets Beaver’s IQ’s protest award of the day.

One of the greatest struggles for some Americans in the Chick-fil-A controversy is not the taking-a-stand part, it’s the staying-away-from-Chick-fil-A part. Let’s admit it: They make some tasty sandwiches. For those who just can’t stay away from Chick-fil-A’s tempting spread, D.C. lawyer and activist Ted Frank has come up with a creative solution. It’s called the “Chicken Offset” program, allowing gay marriage supporters to enjoy Chick-fil-A “guilt free.”

“Every time you buy a chicken-sandwich meal at Chick-fil-A, you can buy an ‘offset’ here,” says Frank on the group’s website, promising the proceeds to It Gets Better and the Williams Institute.


There you have it. Some humorous, heart-warming Chick-fil-A protest options if you find yourself on the left side of the aisle. Enjoy!