Sony's 'Spider-Man' Reboot Title Revealed? Registered URL Reads 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

Sony has yet to reveal the title of their Spider-Man reboot, but this particular URL may have given it away. The new Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland, will make his cinematic debut this summer in Marvel Studios' Captain America: Civil War, joining the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And apparently, when Sony releases its standalone Spidey film, it will be titled Spider-Man: Homecoming, reports Empire, although at this point it is only speculation.

It looks as if Sony recently registered the URL, which if you visit, will take you directly to, which might be a dead giveaway. But the subtitle of Homecoming seems appropriate for a couple of key reasons. One, it is the title of a story arc in the comics from the '80s, a story arc that featured appearances from Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor, Hawkeye, and even Black Cat. If Marvel and Sony were looking for a way to introduce Iron Man and Cap into a Spider-Man film, this certainly could be one way to go. Second, "Homecoming" is also a nice wink and nod to the fact that Spider-Man finally exists in the MCU -- where so many have fans will agree is where the character belongs.

According to the deal struck between Sony and Marvel Studios, Spider-Man can appear in MCU films, as long as Sony approves. In addition, Sony can use characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as long as Marvel Studios gives the okay. So, while Spider-Man isn't technically back in the hands of Marvel, Sony gets Spider-Man on weekdays and Marvel Studios gets him on weekends, it seems.

Spider-Man's solo film featuring Captain America and Iron Man would also suggest that those two characters will make it out of Civil War alive. Some may scoff at the idea of either one of those characters being killed off, but there has been plenty of speculation regarding possible deaths in the film, including that of Steve Rogers himself. At this point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and given Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo's comments on the tone of the film, the death of Captain America is certainly possible.

Sony's 'Spider-Man' Reboot Title Revealed? Registered URL Reads 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'
[Image via Marvel Comics]Spider-Man: Homecoming takes place just after Peter Parker has returned from the Secret Wars planet. The 1984 event called Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars, featured the cosmic entity known as the Beyonder capturing a large number of Marvel superheroes and super-villains on Battleworld, putting them in a fight of good against evil. During this 12-series event, Spider-Man catches a strange black ball, spreading up his arm and enveloping his body in a new black costume -- the alien symbiote.

If Sony is adapting the Homecoming story, it might mean they will take a second stab at the character of Venom. However, the registered URL does not necessarily mean this is the title of their live-action Spider-Man reboot. This title could be specifically for the animated Spider-Man film that the studio has planned. Only time will tell, unless Sony releases a statement clearing all of this up.

Regardless, fans are only a month away from seeing Tom Holland's Spider-Man in the MCU. Anthony Russo discussed the deal worked out between Sony and Marvel Studios, and the complications that followed.

"We were very quiet about Spider-Man's involvement in the movie for much longer than we would have been. We were artificially silent on the character because it was such a sensitive business deal still being worked out even while we were shooting."
Joe Russo added, "We thought the trailer was a great way to reveal him. I think people are going to be happy with him in the movie, he's got a very interesting role in it."
[Image via Marvel Studios/YouTube]