March 21, 2017
Fetty Wap's Chain: Instagram User 'Louie Tha G' Wants $10,000 For Fetty's $70,000 Diamond RGF Island Chain

There is drama playing out on Instagram over rapper Fetty Wap's jewelry. According to an Instagram account user named "QUA LOUIE Aka LOUIE THA G," he is in possession of Fetty's famous chain, and he's just trying to give it back to Wap -- and make a little money in the process.

Louie insists that he did not take Fetty's diamond chain, but he is willing to give it back to Fetty and expects a finder's fee or reward of at least $10,000. The below photo from the "splash brotha Louie" Instagram account shows a chain with "RGF Island" on the front with a palm tree and diamonds, which appears to be the real $70,000 diamond chain that Fetty sported prior to it showing up on Instagram.

As seen in the above photo, Fetty is fond of wearing diamond and gold chains. Wap wore several chains when he performed at the 2016 Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala. That particular event, which featured Fetty and his gold chains at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, took place on Valentine's Day. Wap showed up for the holiday performance on Sunday, February 14, 2016, in Beverly Hills, California.

However, it was on Monday, April 4, when news about Fetty's gold and diamond chain showing up on Instagram broke.

It wasn't long ago that TMZ featured Fetty and his chain on their website. Wap and his friends were called the "chain gang" by TMZ, with the publication pegging Wap's new chain as one that costs $70,000. According to the publication, Fetty paid a pretty penny to New York City jewelers to create the custom gold and diamond chain. And when they say "diamond encrusted," they aren't talking about a small number of diamonds. The Hollywood-based website proclaims that Fetty's chain contains 35 carats worth of diamonds.

No wonder Fetty's chain is valued at $70,000 -- and no wonder the Instagram user is asking for $10,000 or "something" for Wap to get it back safely around his neck.

"We found out Fetty commissioned Elliot Avianne from Avianne & Co. jewelers in NYC to make a custom RGF Island emblazoned medallion. It's held together by 14 carat gold Cuban links blanketed with 35 carats of diamonds! Fetty picked up the piece this week and owner Joe Avianne says the "RGF Island" is a reference to the rapper's single from his self titled debut album and his label."

Meanwhile, the Instagram account of "Louie Tha G" is promoting his Soundcloud music and taking advantage of all the attention that Fetty's chain is bringing the Instagram page.

With 180 posts and 3,869 followers -- with 812 accounts that he is following on Instagram, splashbrotha.louie has definitely created his most popular post to date, when he tagged both @fettywap1738 and @rgf_gz, telling them he'd like $10,000 for Fetty's chain.

Meanwhile, after all the attention on Instagram, Louie made sure to follow up his original photo with the RGF Island gold and diamond chain with a post on Instagram that proclaimed he didn't take Fetty's chain. He explained the so-called "facts" in his Instagram description and photo, which said he's just trying to give the expensive chain back to Wap.

As expected, the post is causing quite the stir on Twitter and Instagram, with all sorts of comments flowing into Louie's page and Fetty's Instagram page about the chain controversy.
As reported by XXL Magazine, the men who claim they have Fetty's chain are making a big buzz online. On Twitter, when typing "Fetty Wap" into the search engine, the social media network suggests "Fetty Wap chain" as the second suggestion, proving the popularity of Wap's chain.

[Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP]