‘RHOC’ Star Heather Dubrow Refusing To Film With Newbie Kelly Meza-Dodd?

Heather Dubrow wants nothing to do with her new Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Kelly Meza-Dodd. Following Meza-Dodd’s racist rant over the weekend, Dubrow is refusing to film with the newest member of the reality show. What did Meza-Dodd say to incite such a harsh response from Dubrow?

In a video released by TMZ, cameras caught Meza-Dodd waiting outside a restaurant in Los Angeles. The reality star appeared slightly drunk as she spoke to the cameras, repeatedly sticking out her tongue and making references to her new-found stardom. However, things turned inappropriate when Meza-Dodd told the cameras point blank that she does not “like black guys.”

Kelly Meza-Dodd [Image via Facebook]

In response to Meza-Dodd’s racist comments, the International Business Times is reporting that Dubrow has issued her own statement on the matter. Not only did Heather Dubrow condemn racism in any shape or form, but she also stated that she doesn’t associate with people who are racist. This includes Meza-Dodd despite their status as co-stars on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

“I think it’s safe to say that racism of any kind is not OK,” Dubrow explained. “I’m a mother of four children and I’m a human being – there’s no place. Anyone who has racism of any kind has no place in my life or anyone I know’s life. Anyone who is a racist would not be welcome in our life.”

In addition to all the racism, OK! Magazine is reporting that Meza-Dodd embarrassed herself in other ways during her epic rant. For starters, the reality star had clearly been drinking based on her slurred words and blue-tinted tongue. While the cameras continued to roll, Meza-Dodd practically begged for attention, telling the crowd to “take pictures” while trying to convince people that she was famous by telling them to “Google me.”

After Meza-Dodd was turned away from the restaurant, she went into a frenzy at being denied entrance.

“I have money to spend!” she shouted. “There’s another bar down the street that wants my money! I’m not going to beg.”

Heather Dubrow and Vicki Gunvalson filming 'RHOC.' [Image via Bravo]

Before she left, a cameraman asked her about her husband. For those unaware, Meza-Dodd is married to Michael Dodd, with whom she currently has one kid. In response to the question about her husband, Meza-Dodd said that she didn’t care about him and that she as an “MBA… Married But Available.”

The upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Orange County marks the first for Meza-Dodd. Her husband is the COO of Kiss Me Mirrors and used to head up Leap Frog Enterprises Inc. Considering the nature of her comments towards her husband, the status of their marriage is now in question.

Meanwhile, the fact that Dubrow is the first to speak out against newbie Meza-Dodd is interesting. Typically, Vicki Gunvalson is the first to voice her opinion on such matters, which goes to show how significant the rant might end up being. So far, the rest of cast has yet to address the issue while Bravo has not released a statement either.

Heather Dubrow Vicki Gunvalson Tamra Barney

As far as Meza-Dodd is concerned, she has officially apologized for her remarks. Not only did Meza-Dodd admit that she was embarrassed by her rant, but she also explained how her comments are not a reflection of who she really is.

“I am truly embarrassed. There is no excuse for bad behavior or comments that offend anyone,” Meza-Dodd stated. “That video does not represent who I really am, and I apologize for acting irresponsibly.”

It isn’t known if Dubrow has accepted Meza-Dodd’s apology. Either way, fans can clearly expect more drama between the women when the reality show returns to Bravo.

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