Emilio Estevez Angers Chicago Blackhawks Fans By Live-Tweeting Anaheim Ducks Game, ‘Mighty Ducks’ Style

Emilio Estevez is in love with Cincinnati and he is seriously considering shifting his residence to “Over-The-Rhine,” a neighborhood in Cincinnati whose Renaissance style architecture has caught the eye of the Hollywood star.

In fact, the actor’s fans have spotted him regularly at Cincinnati Reds games since 2013, when he first arrived in the city to shoot Johnny Longshot.

Recently, the Cincinnati reported that Emilio’s love for the “Queen City” was further assured when he was spotted at Lumenocity in Washington Park, as it is unusual to see movie stars attending an arts event in Cincinnati. Emilio managed to add a little more excitement to the already successful event in which the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra pairs its skills with a fantastic light display projected on Music Hall.

Emilio Estevez confessed that the Queen City had an excitement about it, and that he finds it to be a magical place where the local people welcome and thank him for supporting the arts by choosing the city as a location for his latest film. In fact, local people consider Ohio as the home state of Emilio as his father, Martin Sheen, comes from Ohio.

In an interview at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, Emilio Estevez referred to Cincinnati as “a magical place with so much to offer.” Watch the full interview here.

Emilio Estevez has become a big advocate for bringing film and television projects to Cincinnati because these projects contribute to developing the economy of the region. It is estimated that the projects have generated more than $54 million and created more than 8,800 jobs for greater Cincinnati. And Emilio will need more than just word-of-mouth publicity if he wants to reach out to entire world to promote Cincinnati as a center of an “incredible renaissance.”

Nowadays, celebrities are resorting to social media and online platforms like Twitter to build their reputation as consumers are judging a brand’s image by relying on user-generated content like tweets and online conversations and product reviews with friends.

Emilio Estevez is no different from any other celebrity in this regard, and recently he has tweeted about the efforts of the Cincinnati Film Commission to bring in more films to the Cincinnati area while showcasing famous films shot in the city.

Recently, the Chicago Tribune reported that Emilio Estevez created a Twitterstorm by reprising his role from The Mighty Ducks when he cheered the Anaheim Ducks through a series of hilarious tweets during their ice hockey game against Chicago Blackhawks.

Emilio Estevez reassumed his role of Gordon Bombay, the youth hockey coach in The Mighty Ducks, and began to live tweet his support for the Ducks. In one tweet, Emilio urged the Ducks to adopt the “Flying V” formation, the most famous formation that worked wonders in the Disney trilogy. At one point, he even used the “Quack” chant from the movie to cheer his team on Twitter.

His enthusiasm and support for the Ducks continued throughout the game, and his messages were retweeted to so many people that it caused several Hawks fans to send insulting messages to Emilio. The retaliation against his support for the Ducks could have cost Emilio his brand value as controversial tweets can cause extensive brand damage and devaluation. However, Emilio Estevez took the risk and sportingly congratulated the Hawks after the game. Regardless of the outcome, Emilio Estevez has likely won a large number of followers with his Twitter posts. It seems that Emilio Estevez awaits a warm welcome in Cincinnati once again!

[Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images]