Lamar Odom Goes Back To Drinking, Khloe Kardashian Struggles To Be Supportive

Six months after that infamous drug overdose incident in Nevada, people are once again talking about Khloe and Lamar after the former NBA player was spotted drinking the night before Easter.

Considering the current fragile state of his kidneys after the October 2015 overdose, seeing Lamar at a bar for the first time since the event has caused a stir. The former Los Angeles Laker was seen out with his friends on March 26.

In an interview with the owner of the Irish-themed Johnny O’Brien pub, he confirmed that Lamar Odom turned up with three male friends and stayed for an hour. Reportedly, Lamar’s friends had mixed drinks, and he only had a cognac while he was there.

This new development comes after reports surfaced that Khloe has been insisting that Lamar needs to seek treatment. Unfortunately, the former baller seems to have convinced himself that he doesn’t need any help. Furthermore, he insists that he doesn’t need to go to rehab and that drinking is just his way of trying to go back to living an ordinary life. This poses a problem with the Kardashian clan, as they have seen Lamar relapse one too many times.

In a series of tweets by Khloe, it is evident that she is emotionally stressed as she struggles with her ex-husband’s decisions.

She followed up her tweet with two re-tweets from pastor and televangelist Joel Osteen: “When something doesn’t work out your way, it doesn’t mean God has failed you. It means He’s planning something better” and “When you have faith despite how the situation looks, God will move heaven and earth to do what He promised.”

An insider says that Khloe and Lamar are still very close. However, Khloe is apprehensive, and Lamar refuses to listen to her. He was also quoted as saying that “[n]othing will happen to me. Look at how I survived this last one.”

That quote, of course, refers to Lamar’s drug overdose at a Nevada brothel in October of last year. Before that, the 36-year-old had publicly struggled with alcohol and substance abuse.

Khloe has devoted so much time and effort to Lamar all throughout his struggle to recovery. After the baller had awoken from a week-long coma at the ICU of a Las Vegas hospital, he was immediately transferred to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. His long road to recovery involved the Kardashians, who’ve all been fully supportive of him since the beginning.

Sources close to the Kardashian family say that Khloe has been there for him 100 percent. Sources revealed that Lamar is financially dependent on Khloe at the moment. Expenses, such as his nearly three-month hospital stay and $3 million Calabasas pad, are all being taken care of by Khloe.

But despite the recent bar outing, friends close to Khloe and Lamar insist that it was not a sign that Lamar is backsliding.

A source goes on to say, “No, he is not spiraling out of control. His trip to the bar was his way of trying to gain some semblance of a normal life. He wants to try and get out there a little more and get back to a regular schedule.”

The source further adds that as far as everyone close to Khloe and Lamar are concerned, he has not been partying or drinking up. In truth, Lamar was also with his security escort, whom Khloe knows quite well.

[Photos by Jerod Harris and Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]