Klaroline Crossover May Never Happen On 'The Originals', Klaus Said Goodbye

For months, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals fans have just wanted one thing: a full Klaroline crossover. Now it seems that this can never happen, as the last glimpse seen was really Klaus saying goodbye; knowing a relationship with Caroline would never work.

Klaroline shippers—those who love The Originals' Klaus and The Vampire Diaries' Caroline together—have continually asked for a crossover to happen. After Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries, it was clear the two had chemistry. Klaus was even willing to be a better man with Caroline in his life. He was likeable, adorable, and not as selfish as he was in the past. The problem for Caroline was that she was with Tyler at the time and she despised Klaus for what he put her friends through.

Jump forward to Season 5, and a kiss—and a little more—finally happened. The downside was that it was clearly a one-off. Klaus was returning to New Orleans, showing up in Mystic Falls to help with a problem, and Caroline was unwilling to follow him. Klaroline would be push to the wayside, and a crossover was unlikely to happen again.

That was until Season 7 of The Vampire Diaries. With Stefan looking for safety, he ran into Klaus and received a phone call from Caroline. Add to that three years in the future Caroline had gone to New Orleans for Klaus' help. A Klaroline crossover looked to be on the cards, pulling in viewers to The Vampire Diaries. However, it was soon clear that the crossover fans had asked for was not going to happen. Instead, Elijah and Finn take a trip to Mystic Falls and a crossover on The Originals will involve Matt; fans have not been impressed, as The Inquisitr has already reported.

There was still hope that a Klaroline crossover would happen, until recently. Carter Matt suggests that Klaroline is a thing of the past, as it reports that Klaus really said goodbye in that last phone call.

According to The Originals' executive producer, Michael Narducci, Klaus was trying to tell Caroline that he respected her. He could understand why she had moved on, but that would not change his feelings for her. Klaus had also clearly told Stefan that he had loved Caroline; emphasizing the past tense. With everything going on for Klaus, it would not be fair to pull Caroline into that. For once, he would not be selfish where she was concerned.

Of course, that has left Klaroline shippers unhappy. They want that relationship to happen, knowing that both can be good for each other. Klaus can help Caroline to let go, while Caroline helps Klaus be a better man and hybrid. They work together in a similar way as Damon and Elena have always worked.
"I don't want to speak for what they're doing on [The Vampire Diaries], but it certainly seemed like Klaus was saying to Caroline that he would always care for her and respect her, but that he understood she had moved on…"
Narducci understands that fans will be unhappy hearing that a Klaroline crossover is likely not happening any time soon. He loves to see their passion, but the storyline for either show does not allow it for now. That does not mean it will never happen. Sometime in the future, there may be the opportunity to bring the two characters together once more. Caroline is in New Orleans three years in the future, so there is a chance that she will eventually find Klaus for the help she needs.It is possible that Candice King's real-life pregnancy has also brought a halt to a Klaroline crossover. She has been recovering from birth and wants to spend time with her family. With The Vampire Diaries and The Originals being renewed for Season 8 and Season 4 respectively, there is a chance the Klaroline crossover will eventually happen to keep fans happy.

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