Connecticut Prosecutor Booted For Secretly Filming Women With Pen Cam

pen camera

Connecticut prosecutor David M. Holzbach has lost his job after being busted for secretly recording women with his pen camera as well as downloading porn on his work computer.

The prosecutor, with 20 years of service, allegedly admitted to using a spy pen to make videos of women’s legs and ankles “in the courtroom, other courthouse offices, and on the courthouse grounds,” without their knowledge or consent, according to the Hartford Courant.

Court officials launched an investigation after a woman spotted Holzbach, who worked in the Danbury, Connecticut courthouse, using a pen camera in April. The pen was later confiscated and the inquiry began. Similar accusations had apparently been made against Holzbach at least five times before the state finally took action.

Investigators evidently had the goods on the prosecutor because among other things they discovered a “user’s manual for a Brookstone Video Spy Pen” among his personal effects.

In a letter to Hozbach that has been made public, Chief State’s Attorney Kevin Kane said, in part:

“I have carefully considered all of the information you and your representatives have presented on your behalf. I have weighed, as well, your expression of remorse over your conduct in this matter. However, your behavior is completely intolerable and is of such gravity the termination of your employment is required.”

In a somewhat related situation, a Manhattan urologist was also recently arrested for allegedly using a pen camera to take “upskirt” photos of women on the subway.

Holzbach’s transgressions had to be deemed extremely serious for him to lose his job because government employees at the state or federal level seldom if ever get fired for any reason even when caught downloading porn during work hours.