‘IPhone 6 Knees And Legs’ Challenge: The Latest Crazy Skinny Trend

Nearly every week proves to bring news of a seemingly crazy challenge whereby women take to social media to prove just how thin they are to others. As reported by The Inquisitr, previous challenges included the A4 waist challenge, which featured women hiding behind 12-inch pieces of A4-sized paper in order to prove they had really small waists.

Other weight-related challenges have brought to life those that found women placing coins or seashells in the nook made by their collarbones to show off their thinness in a challenge called the “collarbone challenge.” And then there were the ever-present “thigh gap” and “box gap” challenges, which featured photos of women displaying the space made between their thighs or crotch areas, even when their legs were placed together. The “thigh brow” and other crazy challenges, which showed women wrapping their arms around their own waists to prove their thinness brought a backlash on social media. Even Instagram removed searches for posts tagged with the “thigh gap” hashtag, no doubt in an effort to not promote harmful trends online.

But speaking of harmful trends, now comes the iPhone 6 legs challenge, which shows women balancing iPhone 6 models on their knees to prove the thinness of their legs.

As explained by AOL, the iPhone 6 knees or legs challenge is another weird way that women are using an object to try to display their thin frames online. The photos depict an iPhone 6 balanced on the knees, with the legs held taut together, with the hope that the legs will disappear behind the length of the iPhone 6 phone.

As seen in the top photo above of an iPhone 6, taken on Thursday, January 7, the iPhone 6 is a device that isn’t that long in nature. Therefore, for a woman to try to attain thin legs — legs thin enough to disappear behind the length of an iPhone 6 — it can be a dangerous extreme to try to accomplish, especially if done in an unhealthy manner. These impossible standards of so-called beauty are being called harmful by health experts.

Australia Network News reports that the size of an iPhone 6 isn’t even five and one half inches at its longest length. Therefore, trying to fit both knees behind an iPhone 6 is accounting for each knee to be as wide as approximately 2.75 inches in width.

The whole idea is to have your knees fully covered by the smartphone, which is about 5.44 inches long and 2.64 inches wide as per the official website of Apple.

The publication reported users reactions to the iPhone 6 challenge, with some saying they wish there was a challenge to measure stupidity.

Whereas some women might be naturally thin enough, or enjoy the body type that is already lithe enough, to fit behind an iPhone 6 — others could try to undertake dangerous extremes or diets to meet and exceed the latest crazy fad popping up online.

The extreme danger and laughable nature of the iPhone 6 legs challenge has some recognizing how silly each of these new challenges can be. One user on Twitter joked that the next trend likely to emerge after the iPhone 6 legs challenge would be for women to try to fit their entire bodies behind an iPad Pro.

These challenges are being called body shaming rituals that need to disappear for good.

The Today show called the “iPhone 6 knees” challenge only one of the latest in a string of challenges that has brought buzz across the Internet — and not in a good manner. Just as the A4 challenge was believed to have started on the Chinese micro-blogging site called Weibo, the iPhone 6 knees challenge can count Weibo as its place of origin.

Some are taking the foolish nature of the iPhone 6 knees challenge as a chance to mock the trend, and are posting their own photos of themselves failing the challenge in a funny manner.

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