Amber Rayne Dies: Adult Film Star Found Dead In Her Home On Sunday, Autopsy Planned

Nathan Francis

Amber Rayne has died, with sources saying the 31-year-old adult film star was found dead in her home early on Sunday.

Rayne's death was reported on Sunday by AVN, with sources saying that she died "peacefully in her sleep at home either late Saturday night or early Sunday morning."

Rayne entered the adult film industry in 2005 and during her decade of work appeared she accumulated more than 500 credits. As AVN noted, her acting skills helped Rayne become one of the biggest stars in the industry.

"She was known for both her wild, no-holds-barred sexual performances and her commanding acting chops. In fact, the Detroit native had a background in professional acting before turning to adult, and those skills paid off, earning her immense acclaim and multiple AVN Award nominations, most notably for her supporting roles in 2009's The 8th Day from Adam & Eve Pictures and 2015's Wanted from Adam & Eve and Wicked Pictures. Also in 2009, she was crowned AVN's Unsung Starlet of the Year."

Amber Rayne made headlines last fall when she came forward to accuse adult film star James Deen of assaulting her during the filming of a scene. Rayne said that the two were having sex when Deen suddenly snapped, punching her in the face twice.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Rayne said she was able to get past the incident and even forged a friendship with Deen, but felt she had to come forward after a number of other adult film stars accused him of sexual assault or rape.

"We're friends now and I'll sometimes bring it up as a joke and you can see it makes him physically uncomfortable when I do, so he does realize something was wrong that day," says Rayne. "I thought it was an insecurity phase. He was just starting out, he was still a young punk kid coming in, and I still didn't know what the game was."

Rayne was known much for her life outside the adult film industry, and often shared her love of horses, music, and video games.

"I am also a huge gamer (please translate as you will, but often it flat out means nerd), but I've found it works to my advantage as often times after a scene, the guys will challenge me to whatever games are on set that day," she said in a 2013 interview (via the Mail Online).

"I also find myself staying active through dance (jazz, hip hop, ballet), soccer, softball, swimming and running (yes I run nearly 5 miles a day...don't believe me? Ask my dog lol she's there) I have only recently decreased my activity mainly due to my struggles with uterine cancer and the relentless effects of chemo. (uh how to put this sucks!! yeah that'll do)."

More details about Amber Rayne's death could be coming this week. An autopsy is reportedly planned that could determine her exact cause of death.

[Image via Twitter/Amber Rayne]