‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Full Recap Of Season Finale – Who Died? Who Did Negan Kill?

Tonight is the night that so many fans have been waiting for as Season 6 of The Walking Dead has gone on and on. Now, the season finale known as “The Last Day on Earth” has arrived and now gone by with the arrival of Negan, who is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Fans have been wondering who he would kill with his barbed-wire baseball bat known as Lucille, and the recap of the season finale reveals the full details.

Please let it be known that there are possible SPOILERS ahead for the current season and comic book of The Walking Dead. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

Fans have known that the time was coming for Negan to show up and do something horrible, terrifying and brutal when the time came for him to finally appear on The Walking Dead.

There was a lot that took place in this week’s Season 6 finale, but many of those watching simply wanted to get to the end of the episode. Many just wanted to see Negan appear, finally show his face, and then reveal what he was going to do and who he was going to kill.

Yes, the final 15 minutes of The Walking Dead was all anyone really cared about this week. Many names have been thrown around as to who would die at the hands of Negan and the face of Lucille — Glenn? Daryl Dixon? Rick? Carl? Maggie?

the walking dead spoilers season 6 finale negan kill glenn rick daryl dixon

For anyone who has read the graphic novel of The Walking Dead, they know that Negan is responsible for one of the most horrifyingly brutal and emotional deaths. He takes Lucille and gleefully beats Glenn to death with it, and it has been thought that scene would carry over to the TV series.

It’s night and Dwight has the survivors with him as he walks up to an RV and knocks on the door, stating, “All right, we’ve got a full boat. Let’s meet the man.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan walks out with his hair slicked back and looking just as one may expect Negan to look. His leather jacket is on and he appears just as hardcore as one might expect.

As recapped by TV Line, Negan looks at the line-up which consists of Rick, Carl, Maggie, Glenn, Michonne, Daryl, Sasha, Abraham, Eugene, Aaron, and Rosita. He really has his pick of anyone he wants to kill, but he simply lets them know that they all work for him now.

Killing his people? Negan lets them know that wasn’t cool and that he owns everything now. Still, he doesn’t want to kill them, but he wants them to work for him and that isn’t possible if they’re dead. The problem is that they did kill a lot of his people so Negan lets them know, “I’m going to beat the holy he** out of one of you.”

the walking dead spoilers season 6 finale negan kill glenn rick daryl dixon

This is when it’s time to meet Lucille and she is just as incredibly awesome as one might expect her to be. She looks just as she is described and drawn in the comics, and she is simply phenomenal and perfect in Negan’s hands.

Negan talks trash to Carl and makes fun of Abraham’s mustache. He talks down to Maggie and calls her ugly, so he says he should put her out of her misery. This brings Glenn to the rescue, who goes after Negan on his own, and he shouts out “Don’t.”

All that brings is a stare from Negan and him telling them all not to try anything stupid like that again. He won’t kill Glenn — yet. No, the first first one is free, but it’s the only one that any of them get.

It’s then that Negan begins learning some things about the survivors and realizes that Rick is Carl’s father. This leads to Negan stalling and whistling, just making them all sweat while they wait for his decision.

He looks back at the line-up, starts pointing at them, “Eenie. Meenie. Miney. Mo…” and it fades to black. Yes, that is literally how it ends and it leads to a lot of anger from the Internet.

For now, Season 6 of The Walking Dead is over. Negan has made his first-ever appearance and he’s killed absolutely no-one. Well, he may have killed someone, but it wasn’t shown in the season finale as the cliffhanger will have everyone waiting until at least October to find out who it might have been. That is when Season 7 will begin, and the anger may subside by then.

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