LuLaRoe Consultants Queue Up Direct Sales: Clothing Company’s ‘Butter Leggings’ Help Moms Make Money

LuLaRoe is a clothing brand that’s so popular, the Instagram tag #lularoe currently enjoys 264,643 posts on Instagram under that label. Many of those Instagram photos show off the variety of clothes that LuLaRoe provides, with lots of photos preaching the comfort of the so-called “Butter Leggings” that plenty of people say are some of the softest things to ever grace a pair of legs.

According to the Virginian-Pilot, LuLaRoe leggings aren’t hard to distinguish for those in the know. The LuLaRoe leggings usually feature bold colors with wild patterns that can be discerned from other leggings often sported, such as those from Nike or Lululemon.

A scroll through the hashtag “butter leggings” on Instagram, which has nearly 5,000 posts, shows geometric patterns, ones containing renderings of animals like raccoons, and the range of LuLaRoe leggings that go along with the seasons.

There are flowers, unicorns that look like flying pigs and butter leggings that contain hearts, cakes and more.

The best part about LuLaRoe — besides the creative creature comforts that the leggings can provide — is the way that LuLaRoe offers their consultants a chance to make money.

Like any of the direct sales methods that have cropped up for homemakers over the years — be they the Tupperware parties of old, or the plethora of direct sales methods that followed, LuLaRoe seems to be capitalizing on a trend that combines current trends. With athletic leisure gear increasing as women seek easy ways to go from the gym to their jobs and beyond, and do it in a stylish way, LuLaRoe has struck a nerve that has folks buzzing online about the company.

LuLaRoe is everywhere, and the pop-up home boutiques and parties are the next iteration of the direct-selling home parties of the past. Whereas Creative Memories once ruled the roost and found women gathering for scrapbooking, LuLaRoe touches the need to gather together and buy great leggings at the same time. While Pampered Chef found women getting together to buy big measuring cups that came with convenient spouts for pouring batter directly into cake pans, LuLaRoe is a clothing company with a growing following that takes into account females who don’t like to cook.

Partylite candles may have found women gathering to talk others into buying big great-smelling hurricane candles with huge bases, but LuLaRoe offers leggings that run about $25 each, and are called comfortable enough to sleep in, workout in, and do everything in.

The LuLaRoe home-selling parties usually come replete with food and racks of clothes that encourage others to buy in droves. However, the proliferation of consultants hawking their LuLaRoe clothing parties has caused consultants to start defending the trade on Facebook. Plenty of them are sharing the following words about LuLaRoe online.

“Sometimes I see negativity about direct sales careers so I just wanted to have a quick heart-to-heart with you. When you buy MAC make-up, you’re helping Fabrizio Freda’s 5 year compensation to grow over $17,780,000. When you buy Younique, Mary Kay or Avon Cosmetics, you’re helping a girl pay for her college tuition.

“When you buy supplements from GNC, you are helping Michael Archbold make over $950,000 a year. When you buy It Works supplements from me, you’re helping me provide for my family, helping me give back in ways I never dreamed of, helping me pay off debt so I can free up time to help even more families make their dreams come true.

“When you buy leggings from Victoria’s Secret Pink, you’re building Sharen Turney’s compensation to over $10,645,000. When you buy clothing from LuLaRoe, you’re helping a single mom pay for her child to play t-ball.”

Calling LuLaRoe the American dream, the posts about network marketing have gone viral.

[Photo by Paula Neal Mooney]