Mom Hires Stripper For 8-Year-Old Son’s Birthday And Posts Footage On Social Media, Stirs Controversy

When most moms envision a birthday party for an 8-year-old boy, they imagine fun filled activities involving other children around the child’s age. Birthday cake, ice cream, carnivals, and other activities usually top the list of ideas for typical childhood birthday parties. However, one mom decided to take things a step further and give her son a relatively unconventional birthday gift he’ll probably never forget.

This mom’s birthday gift to her son far exceeds any gift most parents would probably imagine for their 8-year-old son. In fact, she reportedly decided to film his birthday party so he’d have a visual memory of the event, but her biggest mistake may have been sharing the footage with the world. Now, her actions have left many people to question her parental perspective because the “gift” she’s given her son seems highly inappropriate for his age.

According to The Grio, a Tampa, Florida mom is in hot water for hiring a stripper for her 8-year-old son’s birthday. Footage of the seemingly awkward striptease was reportedly uploaded to YouTube on March 24. Although it is still unclear when and where the birthday party took place, the footage proves that it did occur.

The video captures the young boy seated in a chair as an unidentified stripper wearing a pink bra and underwear can be seen gyrating against his face as he spanks her backside while tossing money in her direction. Then, to add insult to injury, at least three other children were also present at the time of the stripper’s performance as an unidentified person filmed the striptease. It is unclear where the mother was during the party, but it has been reported that she did, indeed, hire the stripper.

Almost immediately after the video was uploaded to YouTube, social media users began criticizing the mother for allowing such a lewd performance to take place at her son’s birthday party. Many YouTube viewers have voiced their concerns about the video and criticized the mother for allowing her son and other children to be exposed to such nudity at such a young age. Of course, the video has since been removed from YouTube, but that hasn’t stopped other social media users from re-uploading the video.

Since the nature of the video may be highly offensive to some viewers, those who wish to see it may do so by clicking here.

The video has sparked quite a debate among YouTube viewers. Many wonder whether charges can be brought against the mother since she doesn’t appear to have broken any laws although the footage is arguably inappropriate. There have also been questions regarding the stripper’s apparent lapse in judgment. One YouTube viewer even asked why the stripper would agree to perform for an 8-year-old boy’s birthday party while being filmed.


“My only question is, what laws were possibly broken? What was this mother thinking? Why would the stripper even go along with this, especially when it’s being taped? Not too bright,” one YouTube commenter said, according to New York Daily News.

Unfortunately, these questions have yet to be answered, but there is a possibility answers will come in the near future. The footage has been turned over to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, but it is unclear whether there will be an investigation or charges brought against the mother or stripper.

Do you think the mother stripper should face charges for sexual involvement with the minor? Share your thoughts.

[Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images]