Christine Woo Death Update: Friends And Family Perplexed At How Missing Mom Ended Up Dead Inside Parked Car With Her Kids Inside

Christine Woo’s death continues to confound friends and family who say they have no idea how the loving mother and faithful Christian woman ended up dead in a parked car with her children still inside.

Woo was found dead this week, three days after her husband noticed she was missing. The Texas mother was found inside a car parked in a Target parking lot with her young children still strapped into their seats. Authorities said they were likely there for days with their dead mother in the car.

As WFAA reported, those close to Christine Woo said they have no idea what could have happened to her.

“We are all just as baffled as everyone else is,” said Carol Spencer, a spokeswoman for Stonebriar Community Church, where the Woo family attended. “It’s such a sad, sad situation and it breaks our hearts.”

Christine Woo’s husband, Brandon Woo, said he last saw his wife on Monday morning when he left for work, as reported by Fox 4 News. They were not home when he returned, but Brandon checked with friends and family but did not call police because he mistakenly believed that he could not file a missing person report until after 24 hours.

While the search for his wife was ongoing, Brandon said it was unlike her to disappear without notice. He added the situation was devastating for him.

“I’ve tried to keep calm especially talking to the parents,” Brandon Woo told WFAA during the search for his wife. “I don’t want them to be too alarmed. But emotionally, I’m broken. I’m tormented. This is really hurting me.”

Police were able to piece together some clues about Christine Woo’s disappearance. She was seen with her three children on surveillance video at a Walgreens store, where she was picking up a prescription for one of her children. Credit card records showed that they went to McDonald’s later that day, but that was the last trace of them until authorities found the vehicle with Woo dead inside.

As Fox 4 News reported, Christine Woo left no clues about her disappearance. Brandon said that she left the house secured, did not bring a suitcase and left all of her children’s clothes and belongings where they had been. She didn’t even take diapers with her for their youngest daughter, Brandon noted, suggesting that she was just planning a short trip.


After his wife’s death, Brandon Woo took a step back from the spotlight.

“Thank you for your thoughts and concern for the wellbeing of my family,” Brandon said in a statement released by the hospital. “We request that everyone please respect our privacy as we focus on healing.”

There were some close to Christine Woo who believe she may have felt overwhelmed. Quynh Chau, who runs a nonprofit called The Source of Hope, told WFAA that Woo had reached out to her and seemed depressed. Christine Woo also failed to show up to an event to help the homeless.

“She cried out to us and I could hear that in the sense of her voice,” Chau said in an interview before Woo’s body was found. “I wish so much that I could do something to reach out to her.”

There could be more details on the Texas mom’s mysterious death soon. Authorities are conducting an autopsy this week that will determine the cause of death for Christine Woo.

[Image via Woo family/WFAA]