Robert Pattinson To Give First Interview Since Kristen Stewart Scandal

Robert Pattinson is finally getting back to normal after the news that his long time girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, had cheated on him with director Rupert Sanders. Pattinson has emerged from hiding and has been spotted out on the town with his friends partying and having some fun, according to He is also scheduled to give his first interview to the world on Good Morning America next week.

Pattinson was spotted out with his buddies at a country-western bar called The Deer Lodge in Ojai, California. He has been staying in the Ojai ranch of his best friend and Water for Elephants co-star Reese Witherspoon.

Pattinson supposedly went to the bar to hear some live music and forget about all the problems the scandal has created for his life. One of the bands at The Deer Lodge was flattered that Pattinson chose their venue to get away from it all according to Celebuzz.

Ryan Ross of The Lonely Wild said,

“Even though we didn’t get a chance to say hello, we are glad to have helped him get over his recent heartbreak. Sometimes a couple drinks, some friends, and some loud music are the best medicine.”

If there was a buzz in the air that Pattinson had showed up, it wasn’t apparent in the club. Sources say Pattinson was barely noticed and spent the night listening to music and having some drinks.

Pattinson is set to appear on Good Morning America next week. He is scheduled to appear to promote his new film Cosmopolis. The interview will be the first time he has addressed the public since the scandal hit the airwaves last month.