June 29, 2017
Donald Trump Says His Wife Melania Didn't Want Him To Run For President But Said 'If You Run, You'll Win'

Donald Trump opened up about his presidential bid with Washington Post reporters, telling them that his wife Melania didn't want him to run. In fact, Trump says that Melania questioned his motives for running, as they have "such a great life" without the presidency. Trump explained to his wife that he had to do it because he knew he could fix many of the nation's issues.

The Washington Post interviewed GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump about his presidential campaign with Trump revealing his wife Melania had no intention of being the First Lady. In fact, Trump opened up about the conversation he had with Melania when he was considering a presidential campaign and recalled how she told him not to run.
"She said, 'We have such a great life. Why do you want to do this?' I said, 'I sort of have to do it, I think. I really have to do it.....I could do such a great job.'"
Though Trump notes that Melania was not encouraging a presidential bid, he says that she later told him that, while she hoped he wouldn't run, if he did she knew he would win.
"I hope you don't do it, but if you run, you'll win."
Though Melania initially had hoped that her husband would focus on the business and just live their lives, Trump says she was fully aware of the reasons he chose to run and is very accepting of his presidential campaign. Donald, known for being somewhat brash in speech, says that after a series of controversial tweets and speeches, his family is stepping up to tell him to be "more presidential." Trump says that his son Donald Jr, daughter Ivanka and wife Melania have all told him to tone back his rhetoric.
"My family said to me — and Don [Jr.] has said this, and Ivanka, and my wife has said this — 'Be more presidential.'"
The candid interview gave Donald Trump the ability to show a different side of his personality. While standing up for his controversial comments and speeches. Trump told the Washington Post that sometimes you have to "break the egg initially" seeming to indicate that his rhetoric is all part of his plan to win the presidency. He says he will continue his brash speeches until he wins the GOP nomination, at which point he will back off and prove to the public that he knows how to "be presidential."
"I have two leftovers. I call them leftovers. They haven't been very nice to me. I will beat them. After I beat them I will be so presidential. You're going to be so bored, you're going to say this is the most boring human being I've ever interviewed. I think if I act very presidential I'll be dull, but that will be fine."
Melania Trump is now fully on board with the campaign and will be campaigning with her husband for the first time this week in Wisconsin. Trump made the announcement that Melania would be joining him in Wisconsin via Twitter.Do you think having Melania on his campaign tour will help Trump in his bid for the GOP nomination? Do you think Trump will become "more presidential" if he wins the GOP bid?

[Image by Joshua Lott/Getty Images]